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New AuthPoint Features

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AuthPoint capabilities continuously improve, and a host of new features were recently added that make our MFA solution even more flexible, easy to manage, and secure. The latest enhancements include:

  • AuthPoint Gateway HA - Gives customers full high availability (HA) of on-premises services such as RADIUS and AD authentication. With this feature, users can have one primary gateway and up to 5 other gateways in the location of their choice. If the first goes down, the next one will take over automatically ensuring high availability for authentication services.
  • Backup and Restore for Mobile...

Now Available: Firebox T35-R

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New Firebox T35-R Is a Ruggedized Appliance Built for Harsh Conditions

It’s an exciting time for product launches at WatchGuard, with the release of DNSWatchGO and Passport last week! Today I am excited to announce the release of our release of our newest Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance. Firebox T35-R is a compact security appliance that features an industrial enclosure that is both dust- and splash-proof, and capable of operating in extreme temperatures. The ruggedized construction of Firebox T35-R means you can deploy the appliance in harsh environments without needing to build a...


Now Available: DNSWatchGO and Passport

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We are excited to announce the availability of our newest user-focused security service, DNSWatchGO. WatchGuard DNSWatchGO provides DNS-level protection and content filtering that keeps your business safe from phishing, ransomware, and other attacks even when your user is outside of the network, without requiring a VPN.

Key Features

  • DNS-level detection, providing an additional layer of security to block connections to the bad guys
  • Automatically protects end users from phishing attacks and C2 connections
  • Enables content filtering by user or group with 120 pre-defined blocking...

Threat Detection and Response 5.8.X Beta Refresh

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We are excited to announce the addition of an additional feature to the TDR 5.8.X Beta! In addition to the AV Exclusions feature currently available in Beta, we have a new Host Ransomware Prevention(HRP) capability. When you view the details of an HRP Indicator that was successfully remediated, you can now view a graphical representation of the event. If the Indicator can be graphed, you will see a new Chart button in the Additional Details pop-up of the Indicator. Click the button to open a new window.


The chart is interactive, with the following capabilities:

  1. Processes are displayed...

Critical Update to AuthPoint customers

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If you use AuthPoint, your AuthPoint Gateway software must be updated to the latest available version (v5.1.5) by 10 October 2019 (APAC cloud region users), by 16 October 2019 (EMEA region), and by 17 October 2019 (AMER region) in order to avoid an outage in your service. If you do not update your AuthPoint Gateway before this time, all users who try to use AuthPoint to authenticate will experience a failure.

Please read the Knowledge Base article for more information and to get detailed upgrade instructions.


Now Available: Fireware 12.5.1

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Fireware 12.5.1

WatchGuard Fireware 12.5.1 and the corresponding WSM software are now Generally Available (GA) for download from the WatchGuard software download center. This maintenance update provides changes to the ways WatchGuard access points are supported and managed, as well as resolution to issues that have been reported by customers.

For a complete listing of bug fixes and feature improvements, please refer to the release notes and the What's New in Fireware v12.5.1 PowerPoint slides.

Does this release pertain to me?

If you manage WatchGuard Access Points (APs) with the...


Threat Detection and Response 5.8.X Beta

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We are excited to announce that Threat Detection and Response has a new capability to Beta over the next 6 weeks! By popular demand, WatchGuard has made pre-configured Antivirus Exclusions a reality! Gone will be the days of copying and pasting directory paths one by one into the Exclusions page.

  • AV Exclusions - TDR now includes predefined exclusion sets that make it easy to add exclusions for the most common antivirus tools. Any custom exclusions you added previously persist after the upgrade. To see these changes in the TDR Web UI, select Configuration > Exclusions. The Exclusion page now...

Wi-Fi Cloud Maintenance Update - WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Analyze and Engage

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Hello WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Users,

WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Analyze and Engage will be updated starting on Friday, September 6, 2019.



  • APAC region: Friday, September 6, 2019 (12:00AM – 6:00AM HKT)
  • EMEA region: Friday, September 6, 2019 (12:00AM – 6:00AM GMT) 
  • AMER region: Friday, September 6, 2019 (12:00AM – 6:00AM PDT)


  • All regions: Friday, September 6, 2019 (12:00AM – 6:00AM PDT)

Maintenance Window: 6 Hours

Duration: 6 Hours


  • Analyze and Engage services will be unavailable during the maintenance activity.
  • Captive portal splash pages...

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