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WatchGuard MDR General Availability

WatchGuard MDR is a 24/7 cybersecurity service managed by an elite team of cybersecurity professionals from WatchGuard SOC and powered by AI. It is purpose-built to make MDR vastly more accessible to managed service providers (MSPs).

The service offers endpoint security monitoring, threat hunting, attack detection, investigation, and optional containment by isolating endpoints, with guided recommendations for remediation and reducing the attack surface. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 Endpoint Activity Monitoring and Data Collection – to provide real-time and retrospective monitoring using event data captured by WatchGuard EPDR or Advanced EPDR in WatchGuard’s modern SOC.
  • 24/7 Proactive Hunting and Detection – to reduce time to detect and mitigate threats using AI, machine learning, and other advanced techniques to identify indicators of attack, while WatchGuard’s MDR threat hunters search for threats lurking in endpoints.
  • 24/7 Investigation and Validation – to minimize the impact of potential threats by relying on WatchGuard experts to quickly investigate and accurately validate incidents to determine their nature and severity.
  • Immediate Incident Notification – to provide prompt notification with key insights such as affected machines and tactics used when a validated incident occurs so MSPs can take immediate action.
  • Options for Mitigation and Guidelines for Remediation - to provide MSPs with the flexibility to choose the best strategy for their business. They can rely on their team with guidance from WatchGuard experts on how to contain the threat, or they can outsource the initial containment through endpoint isolation with customer-specific playbooks developed by WatchGuard MDR experts.
  • Weekly Security Health Status Report and Monthly Activity Reporting – to build trust with customers by providing regular reports on their security status, which service providers can customize to engage customers with their MDR service better and provide valuable feedback throughout the process. 

How do I get access to WatchGuard MDR?

if you have any questions or want to get started on delivering the WatchGuard MDR service to your customers, please reach out to your Account Manager at WatchGuard.

- The WatchGuard Team -

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