Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 1996, WatchGuard has been on the forefront of protecting organizations of all sizes from cyber attacks. WatchGuard is a collection of employees with a shared vision to provide enterprise-grade security to midsize and distributed enterprise.

At the heart of our company and every employee, is a foundation set by our core values:







These values drive every part of our business and help shape WatchGuard’s approach to corporate social responsibility.

WatchGuard CEO, Prakash Panjwani

WatchGuard CEO,
Prakash Panjwani

At WatchGuard, our approach to social responsibility is the same as our approach to everything we strive to do – meet a higher standard. Many companies publish policies, be it related to internal or external company operation, to meet a legal standard. At WatchGuard, we do so to create a positive environment for our employees, as well as for partners and customers so they have a superior experience in their dealings with WatchGuard.

We challenge ourselves constantly with the question – what more can we do for the environment, diversity, and our communities. No bar is high enough. A good example is the launch of our Women of WatchGuard initiative. We launched that peer group, not because we don’t have diversity today, but because we think we can do more when it comes to women in our industry. We can provide many more opportunities for learning and mentoring, and thus create women leaders for years to come. If you see us not meeting that higher standard, please challenge us and you will see us respond!

Serving our customers and partners

We best serve our customers and partners by empowering them to protect themselves and their communities from the ever-evolving threat landscape.

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Empowering our communities

We are dedicated to improving communities – from our employees around the world to those in the neighborhoods we serve – by developing and supporting programs to enhance the lives of as many people as possible.

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Protecting the environment

We strive to make positive choices throughout our company – from how our products are developed to how our employees travel to and from work – so that we have a positive impact on the world we live in not only today, but the world we leave for the future.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


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