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Fireware 12.5 Update 1

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Fireware 12.5 Update 1
WatchGuard has posted Fireware 12.5 Update 1 at the Software Download Center. There is no corresponding update to WSM. This maintenance update provides resolution to issues that have been reported by customers. Based on feedback from our partners at our recent conferences, we plan to make more bug fix update releases generally available instead of providing just customer speciific patches or hotfixes. Full details are provided in the Release Notes, which are updated since the 12.5 GA release. 

Does this release pertain to me?
Fireware 12.5 Update 1 is available for all...


AuthPoint Agent for RD Web is here!

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We’re excited to announce that the AuthPoint agent for RD Web is now available!

WatchGuard Cloud UI screenshot showing new RD Web menu item

This agent allows users to enforce MFA when connecting to remote applications using Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access application (RD Web). It integrates with the AuthPoint Web SSO functionality, so if you login into AuthPoint's IdP, you will automatically login to RD Web as well. It also supports safe locations, allowing users to configure dedicated locations in which MFA is not required to access those remote applications.

It’s quick to set up. Simply follow the installation and configuration instructions in...


TDR 5.7 General Availability

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We are excited to announce that enhanced Network to Process Correlation in Threat Detection and Response is generally available! While TDR has always correlated network threats from your Firebox to an individual host, we are proud to provide the ability to correlate that same network threat to an individual process on your Windows host! This functionality enables Administrators to:

  • Quickly identify Windows processes that are making malicious outbound network connections.
  • Stop those processes before they cause any damage to your environment(s).

This feature includes the following benefits...


WatchGuard Website Maintenance Alert

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Summary: We will be performing maintenance on our website which will prevent authentication to

When: Friday, 2 August, 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM UTC

Maintenance Window: 2 hours

Expected Impact Duration: 2 hours, during which time a maintenance window page will be presented intermittently to users attempting to login to all WatchGuard websites.

Contact Information: For Sales or Support questions, you can find phone numbers for your region online. If you contact WatchGuard Technical Support, please have your registered appliance Serial Number or Partner ID available.




Fireware 12.5 Availability

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Fireware 12.5 - General Availability
We are pleased to announce that Fireware 12.5 and the corresponding WSM 12.5 software are now Generally Available (GA) for download from the WatchGuard software download center. The Release Notes provide full details on enhancements and resolved issues. With each new feature release, we also provide a What's New presentation and webinar recording that provide a comprehensive explanation of the new capabilities. Here are some of the key highlights: 

  • Access Portal has been updated to provide a reverse proxy support for internally hosted applications,...

Wi-Fi Cloud Server Maintenance

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Hello WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Users,

WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud will be updated starting on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 to update the SSL certificates running on all cloud servers.


  • AMER region: Tuesday, July 23, 2019 (12:00AM PDT / 7:00AM UTC)
  • APAC region: Tuesday, July 23, 2019 (12:00AM HKT / 4:00PM Monday UTC)
  • EMEA region: Tuesday, July 23, 2019 (12:00AM GMT / 12:00AM UTC)

Maintenance Window: 6 hours

Duration: Several minutes for each server as the certificate is replaced and web services restarted.


  • Wi-Fi Cloud management services may be inaccessible during the maintenance activity. We...

Mobile DNS Protection Beta Updates!

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We are happy to announce a major improvement to our content filtering in our Mobile DNS Protection beta! We have integrated the categories from our WebBlocker security service into DNSWatch. You will shortly be able to leverage the granularity of 120+ categories across your protected networks and mobile clients!

For those customers already using WatchGuard’s WebBlocker service, the look and feel will be very familiar as we have worked to create an experience that mirrors the one you are used to. If you are not familiar with WebBlocker you will be treated to an updated experience allowing a...


Knowledge Base Digest - June 2019

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Each month we publish numerous new articles and known issues to the WatchGuard Knowledge Base. Going forward, as requested by many of our Partners, we will publish a monthly digest of new Knowledge Base content to this blog so you can easily review it.

Here is the new content published in June:




WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Server Maintenance – US Region

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Hello WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Users,

The WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud US regional management server will be restarted for maintenance activity. Only customers that use this server are affected.

When: US region only. Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 (2:00AM – 3:00AM PDT)

Maintenance Window: 1 hour

Duration: 1 hour


  • Wi-Fi Cloud management services will be inaccessible during the maintenance activity and you will not be able to perform configuration changes. 
  • There is no impact to customer Wi-Fi service. Access Points will still be functional and provide...

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