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Knowledge Base Digest - April 2022

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Each month we publish numerous new articles and known issues to the WatchGuard Knowledge Base. Here is the new content published in April: Known Issues 10G SFP+ interfaces (eth8/eth9) on Firebox M590/M690 do not respond to traffic After upgrade to Fireware 12.8, IKEv2 BOVPNs that use VPN failover...

Log, Report, and Quarantine Server deprecation

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Deprecation of older WatchGuard Server components WatchGuard is announcing the deprecation of some older server components. WSM v12.8.x releases will still include these server components. Higher WSM releases, v12.9 and later, will include only the WSM Client and Management Server, and will not...

Fireware v12.8 Update 1

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Key points: WatchGuard has posted a new maintenance update for Fireware v12.8. Update 1 includes several issues that have been fixed since the original 12.8 release. It also includes an update to the OpenSSL version to address CVE-2022-0778. See details in the Release Notes. Does this release affect...

Knowledge Base Digest - March 2022

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Articles Cyclops Blink: Information for devices that run in FIPS mode Cyclops Blink: Firebox models supported by Fireware v12.7.2 U2, v12.5.9 U2, or v12.1.3 U8 Cyclops Blink FAQs This article is available in Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本語, and Português. Cyclops Blink: Remediate...

Maintenance on WatchGuard Cloud

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Maintenance on WatchGuard Cloud Later today, 8th April 2022 at 11:30 pm UTC we will be performing maintenance on WatchGuard Cloud that may cause inability to log into WatchGuard Cloud. When: 8th April 2022 at 11:30 pm UTC Maintenance Window: Approximately 2 hour Service Interruptions: Approximately...

The AP432 joins WatchGuard's family of Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

The biggest challenge tormenting Wi-Fi users is a poor connection that causes disruptions to productivity. We rely on and connect a majority of our devices to Wi-Fi more than ever before, which strains out-of-date wireless networks. We’re excited to announce that the perfect solution for Wi-Fi has...

New Fireware v12.8 Releases for Fireboxes

The latest release of Fireware v12.8 for Fireboxes delivers various enhanced features. Find out more about the release in the 12.8 Release Notes and What’s New in 12.8 Presentation. Key Features include: Networking: SD-WAN Load Sharing: SD-WAN actions enables you to share traffic load across...

Knowledge Base Digest - February 2022

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Each month we publish numerous new articles and known issues to the WatchGuard Knowledge Base. Here is the new content published in February and early March: Articles Wireless client MAC address randomization and reporting in Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud Support automated phone system partner...

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WatchGuard Beta Program

As a WatchGuard partner or customer with an active account, you can join our software beta program to experience our products in the early stages, and give your feedback to influence the course of development.

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End of Life Policy

WatchGuard will periodically announce End-of-Sale and End-of-Life life cycle milestone information along with migration recommendations for our valued customers.

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Product Certifications

WatchGuard security solutions are well-designed, easily deployed, and rigorously tested. We regularly submit our products for third-party evaluation to ensure we meet all industry standards.

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