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Automatic TDR Host Sensor Upgrade to EDR Core

As previously announced, TDR reached its end-of-life on September 30, 2023. Consequently, the Host Sensors ceased delivering endpoint protection. In place of the TDR Host Sensor within the Firebox Total Security Suite, we now have WatchGuard EDR Core, which offers a subset of the features found in WatchGuard EDR. To guarantee the continued protection of endpoints, we advised utilizing the upgrade wizard in WatchGuard Cloud to transition your host sensors to either EDR Core or an alternative WatchGuard Endpoint Security product.

Starting Monday, January 8, 2024, and continuing in the following weeks, WatchGuard will automatically upgrade TDR Host Sensors to EDR Core for Windows endpoints. In the case you have WatchGuard Endpoint Security assigned to an account but not installed on computers with the Host Sensor, the upgrade process will automatically install the WatchGuard Endpoint Agent on those computers.

For manual uninstallation of Host Sensors on your Mac and Linux devices, refer to the steps outlined in this Knowledge Base article.

For More Information

For additional details on EDR Core: WatchGuard EDR Core Features 

If you are unsure what action to take based on your current deployment(s), we have outlined several upgrade scenarios in this Knowledge Base article to provide guidance.


Please reach out to our local WatchGuard Sales contact with any questions you may have about this upgrade. 

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