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Access Point Firmware v2.2.22 Brings New Features and Updates

This update supports the Dynamic VLANs, Captive Portal Web Form, Guest Analytics report, Network Access Enforcement landing page, and Access Point Sites radio settings features.

Access Point Dynamic VLANs

Need more control over who accesses what on your Wi-Fi? The new v2.2 firmware for WatchGuard access points makes it easy. Use WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise authentication to identify users and automatically assign them to different VLANs based on their access level. It's a smarter, simpler way to secure your network. For more information, go to Configure Access Point Dynamic VLANs in Help Center.

Access Point Captive Portal Enhancements

  • Empower Guest Wi-Fi Access: With our captive portal, create up to three custom fields (like name, email, or date) for guests to fill out before using your Wi-Fi. This helps you gather information and manage access easily. For more information, go to Configure a Captive Portal in Help Center.
  • Are you curious about the guests on your Wi-Fi network? The new Guest Analytics report provides valuable insights, from usernames and connected devices to data they submitted through your captive portal web forms. This powerful tool requires a USP Wi-Fi Management license for access.. For more information, go to Access Point Guest Analytics Report in Help Center.
  • Network Access Enforcement lets you define a specific landing page that greets Wi-Fi clients once they've met your security requirements. Customize this page with your chosen URL to welcome users, provide important information, or promote special offers. For more information, go to Access Point Network Access Enforcement in Help Center.

Radio Settings in Access Point Sites

Streamline your Wi-Fi management with Access Point Sites. Quickly adjust radio settings for multiple access points simultaneously, saving you time and effort. For more information, go to Configure Access Point Radio Settings in Help Center.

In addition to these new features, this firmware release also resolves several issues. For the release notes and descriptions of the resolved issues, go to the Access Point Firmware Releases in Help Center.

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