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Simplifying And Streamlining User Management

Account administrators and owners often find it challenging to navigate multiple user management interfaces, such as those for inviting new users, controlling user permissions and roles, enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA), and removing users from the system. This complexity hampers user management processes and complicates auditing, creating a significant hurdle during routine compliance audits.

Depending on the account tier, the main interfaces for user management are the WatchGuard Portal Support Center and WatchGuard Cloud. Tier-1 accounts require both interfaces, while all other account tiers exclusively use WatchGuard Cloud. 

Managing diverse business rules across multiple interfaces becomes particularly challenging for large organizations with numerous users. To simplify and streamline this process, WatchGuard is consolidating the functionality of User Manager in the WatchGuard Support Center into WatchGuard Cloud. This move aims to establish a unified interface for all operator management tasks, regardless of the account tier.

The transition to WatchGuard Cloud for user management brings several advantages, including:

  • Streamlined Account Management: The new interface allows you to handle tasks such as inviting new users and managing permissions and roles in a consolidated manner, saving time and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Greater Autonomy: Users gain more control over their accounts, enabling independent management of user permissions and roles. This eliminates the need to rely on WatchGuard support, providing a flexible approach to meeting specific business requirements.
  • Enhanced Security: Owners and administrators can enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA), significantly boosting security. This makes user accounts more resilient to hacking attempts, instills confidence, and ensures data safety.

Overall, this transition makes user management more efficient, reduces support costs, enhances security, and delivers a consistent interface, along with the mentioned benefits.

If you have questions about how this change may impact you, please reach out to the WatchGuard team. Should you want to learn more about user management, please see Manage WatchGuard Cloud Operators in our Help Center.