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Aether 15.2 and WG Cloud - New Endpoint Security Release

The Aether 15.2 release strengthens WatchGuard Endpoint Security's multi-platform protection capabilities for our partners and customers' existing systems. This release offers improved Windows protection and adds new features to reinforce macOS protection, such as device isolation and full-disk encryption. Let's take a closer look at all the new functionalities included in this release:

  • Encryption for macOS: Leveraging FileVault, a proven and stable Apple technology, to encrypt and decrypt disks without impacting end users. It provides organizations with the added value of centrally controlling and managing the recovery keys stored on WatchGuard Cloud-based management platform. 
  • Isolation for macOS: When isolating a device, WatchGuard Endpoint Security denies all communications to and from isolated computers except those required to perform any action from the Endpoint Security product web console, such as containment, remediation, or remote forensic analysis. 
  • Anti-tampering enhancement: Anti-tamper protection ensures that only authorized users can install, disable, or uninstall WatchGuard Endpoint Security. 
    • 2FA for local console and local uninstallation: Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for local console access and local uninstallation restricts physical access to authorized personnel and requires a second factor to authenticate, access sensitive data, and uninstall software. 
    • Security in the secure boot mode for Windows with network access: Windows safe mode is a startup mode that allows administrative and diagnostic tasks on a minimal version of the operating system. To prevent malicious actors from using safe mode to spread attacks, our Endpoint Security protection will be loaded when starting Windows systems in safe mode with network access. 

We keep working on adding new features to provide a more robust endpoint security approach to our customers. Please reach out to the WatchGuard team if you have any questions or want to get started on delivering simplified security solutions.

- The WatchGuard Team -

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