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Managing Security Services Can Be Complex.
Make It Simple with WatchGuard Cloud.

WatchGuard Cloud is a leading, trusted platform for the delivery of managed security services. It eliminates the cost and complexity typically required to manage, log, and report on all security services by consolidating them all into one Cloud platform. There's no need for any physical or virtual infrastructure, no maintenance costs, no downtime, and no jumping back and forth between security service platforms. It's a simple solution to advance your business, help you more effectivity deliver security services to customers, and free up time for you to focus on the work that matters most.


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Move to the Cloud

Ditch your infrastructure and move to the Cloud. With WatchGuard Cloud, security service delivery that is faster, more automated, and doesn’t require the installation and maintenance efforts of on-premises management solutions. Bring the benefits of the Cloud to your security services today.

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Spend time on the work that matters most

Spend less time on operational tasks and more time on those that matter. WatchGuard Cloud was designed to help you meet your customers’ needs faster and better, with streamlined operations, built-in roles and permissions, automated alerts, and simplified, flexible management options. WatchGuard Cloud enables you to spend more time with your customers and more time improving overall business operations rather than spending time managing service licenses, handling support tickets, or setting up complex policies.

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Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate your business from the competition with WatchGuard Cloud. Your customers need to know that you are delivering value and keeping their business secure. They want visibility into the services they are paying for. With WatchGuard Cloud, doing this is easy. It also gives you simple, concrete ways of showing the value of your work, thereby helping both you and your customer.

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Scale to meet the needs of any business

WatchGuard Cloud scales with the growth of both your business and your customers’ businesses. Scaling is instant and can be done anytime, anywhere. Whether you or your customers are adding a new branch to manage, acquiring or merging with another business, or simply growing head count, WatchGuard Cloud can easily accommodate those needs.

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Enjoy the peace of mind of a solution built on a secure platform

WatchGuard Cloud is built on a secure platform that adheres to industry best practices around data privacy and security. We help ensure that there is logical and secure separation of data per customer account and also allow for regional selection so that you can choose where your customer data is stored. WatchGuard Cloud protects all data within the system by encrypting information both in-transit and at rest. User access is flexible and simple with permission-based user access for both you and your customers. WatchGuard Cloud is a platform you and your customers can trust.

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ISO 27001 Certified

WatchGuard Cloud is certified to the latest version of the ISO 27001 standard. This achievement provides validation that WatchGuard’s processes and procedures represent a proactive approach to information security that is deeply ingrained in how we deliver services from WatchGuard Cloud to our valued customers. The certification audit was conducted by Schellman and Company and covered WatchGuard ID, WatchGuard Cloud Platform (account, inventory, and operator management, as well as the Administration functions), Firebox Visibility, and the entirety of AuthPoint.

“WatchGuard Cloud provides central visibility across all our clients. This creates the foundation for quick access to real-time data. This is vital information at the fingertips of our team, enabling faster response to identify issues and quicker resolutions.”

Calvin Engen, Director of IT & Managing Partner, F12

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