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New Features Added to the WatchGuard Endpoint Security API

We are happy to announce that we just added new features to the WatchGuard Endpoint Security API!

Digital transformation has been accelerating over the last few years, and IT teams require modern API tooling to build digital applications and services to meet their business needs. Partners and large enterprises, require a security path towards useful plugins integration into their API platform that let them create dashboards, connect to ticketing systems, and include access controls or threat response, among others, helping operations secure the most critical functions.

WatchGuard Endpoint Security API is designed to fit with their systems through advanced API sets and can be easily integrated into third-party IT system management tools, creating a powerful security services platform. WatchGuard Endpoint Security API simplifies access to additional information, actions, and configurations of the Endpoint Security offering using specific methods to retrieve individual data sets whenever admins need them.

WatchGuard Endpoint Security API NEW features:

  • A comprehensive list of all available patches
  • Retrieval of detailed software inventory of their machines
  • Extended information on each machine's BIOS listing: version, manufacture date, serial number, name, and manufacturer
  • Insights into tasks such as:
    • Task list
    • Task status list on machines
    • Task execution list
    • A list for results and detections

Need more info?

WatchGuard provides public RESTful APIs that customers can use for integration with WatchGuard products and services. For more information about WatchGuard APIs, go to Get Started with WatchGuard APIs or check the Endpoint Security Management API.

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