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ThreatSync requires a new version of WatchGuard Endpoint Security by 31 August 2023

Good day!

I first want to thank everyone who enabled ThreatSync over these crucial first four months. Early adopters are instrumental in helping us determine the future direction of the product. Thanks to this initial feedback, we have been able to improve ThreatSync’s ability to reflect the status of your Watchguard Endpoint Security (WES) devices.

Does this affect me?

We have an improvement that  now reflects isolations that previously occurred in the Endpoint Security management UI within ThreatSync. This required a significant change to the system to enable ThreatSync to more effectively interact with Endpoint Security. This also requires an update to the Windows Endpoint agent. After we deploy these changes, all accounts must run WatchGuard Endpoint Security Release 15 (R15) for ThreatSync to continue functioning as expected.

How do I upgrade?

To opt in to the Endpoint Security upgrade, use the Alert Bell in the  management UI. This upgrade  requires a restart of the endpoints to update to the improved protection provided by R15. If you want to make sure you are ready for the ThreatSync update, make sure each endpoint is running Windows agent version 1.21.02. Go to the link below for more details and screen captures.

When is the deadline to upgrade?

We will enable this Endpoint status feature in ThreatSync on 31 August 2023.

What happens if I do not upgrade?

If you have not upgraded by the deadline, we cannot guarantee that ThreatSync will continue to reflect isolation status accurately.

For more information, go to: WatchGuard Endpoint Security Upgrade.