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REMINDER: 30 September 2023 End of Life for TDR


We are two weeks from the end-of-life (EOL) date of our Threat Detection and Response service on 30 September 2023. As this date approaches, it is essential to understand how the EOL may affect you. 

Threat Detection and Response (TDR) end-of-life timeline: 

  • 30 September 2023 – The TDR user interface in WatchGuard Cloud will no longer be available, and therefore, the Threat Detection options in the Monitor or Configure menus are not visible. The Host Sensor License pages are also not visible on the Inventory menu. TDR Host Sensors will continue to function, but you will no longer be able to view, remediate indicators, or generate reports. Your ability to upgrade Host Sensors to WatchGuard Endpoint Security from WatchGuard Cloud remains enabled. 
  • 28 October 2023 – WatchGuard will automatically uninstall heart beating Host Sensors that have not upgraded to WatchGuard Endpoint Security. 
  • 1 December 2023 – The TDR service ceases to function, and any remaining Host Sensors must be uninstalled manually. 

For more information about the upgrade process or for more guidance on what you should do ahead of 30 September 2023, please refer to this previous post: End of Life Timeline for TDR starting 30 September 2023

Please get in touch with your authorized WatchGuard representative for answers to any remaining questions.  Thank you.

The WatchGuard Product team

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