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End of Sale Announcement: WatchGuard 802.3af PoE Injector

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WatchGuard will discontinue offering for sale (EOS) WatchGuard 802.3af PoE Injector for access points on April 1, 2018.  At that time, hardware accessory SKU WG8568 will be discontinued and removed from active WatchGuard price lists. Should new orders come in after April 1, 2018, WatchGuard will not accept them if inventory is depleted. As a replacement, WatchGuard has introduced a 802.3at PoE+ Injector for all our access points and it is currently available for shipment.  The new 802.3at PoE+ injector is offered in four SKUs for varying power cord options:


SKU Description

Recent WebBlocker Issue in Europe

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WebBlocker Incident Report

Users of the WebBlocker service in Europe experienced an outage late Thursday night that lasted into Friday morning, January 25 – 26, 2018. WatchGuard has worked closely with our partner Forcepoint over the last few days to analyze the failure and to put processes in place to ensure that events like this do not happen again. We are sharing details here so our partners and users are confident that we have addressed this issue.


WebBlocker uses the Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Cloud URL database for web categorization, which is hosted in their ThreatSeeker...


Wi-Fi Cloud 8.5 Now Available

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We are happy to announce the availability of Wi-Fi Cloud 8.5. This latest version of the Wi-Fi Cloud simplifies configuration steps for IT administrators, enhances Wi-Fi service quality in environments with multiple access points (APs) using automatic power optimization, and adds a new cloud integration mode for the AP420 to better support large WIPS sensor overlay deployments. 

Automatic Transmit Power Control (TPC)

  • WatchGuard access points managed by the Wi-Fi Cloud automatically adjust their transmit power levels for optimum levels to avoid interference with each other, which provides...

Coming Soon! - Fireware 12.1.1 Beta with DNSWatch

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UPDATE: Fireware v12.1.1 beta is scheduled for February 8, 2018 release. At the time of the original post, February 2, 2018 was the previously scheduled date.

Fireware 12.1.1 and DNSWatch

Recently WatchGuard announced the acquisition of Percipient Networks, a developer of an easy-to-deploy, security-focused Domain Name System (DNS) service, previously known as Strongarm. We're excited to announce that the first step in the integration of their solution will take place this week when we release the Fireware 12.1.1 Beta. The new service, DNSWatch, monitors outbound DNS requests and blocks...


Wi-Fi Cloud Maintenance Update

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Hello WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Users,

We are planning a brief maintenance on Friday, 26 January between 03:00 AM to Saturday, 27 January 09:00 AM UTC to deploy new features and improvements to the Wi-Fi Cloud.

During the maintenance window, Wi-Fi Cloud management will be inaccessible during the maintenance activity and you will not be able to perform configuration changes. There is no impact to customer Wi-Fi service. Access Points will still be functional and provide connectivity and security. Splash pages will also be functional for guest access.


WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud...


GAV Outage for 11.10.5 and earlier software versions

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AV Signatures in 11.x releases

With the release of 12.0, WatchGuard introduced a new GAV engine to take advantage of new AV industry technology and would discontinue support for older AVG engines in Fireware 11.x by January 2018. GAV signature support for 11.10.7 and above will remain in place until April 2018.

As of December 31, 2017, appliances running 11.10.5 and earlier Fireware versions may be experiencing scan errors and observing the following messaging in the log files:

01-02 13:41:58 scand license init failed(The license has expired.)       Debug

2018-01-02 13:41:58 scand...


WatchGuard Dimension 2.1.1 Update 2 now available

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We are pleased to announce the availability of WatchGuard Dimension 2.1.1 Update 2. This maintenance release is now available from the Software Downloads Center, together with release notes and update instructions. WatchGuard Dimension 2.1.1 Update 2 addresses several frequently reported issues and introduces some security enhancements, including:

  • APT content names with reserved characters would cause PDF reports to fail

  • Log Collector issue that caused incorrect logging status to be displayed for devices

  • Log Collector process unexpectedly restarts due to large number of...


Customer Support Access Changes

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As a loyal WatchGuard customer, I’m sure that you’re aware that WatchGuard is growing!  To address your future needs, WatchGuard Customer Support is changing the way our technicians connect to your WatchGuard appliance while working on a support case.

New Option to Enable Support Access

Over the years, you have used a list of IP addresses in a WatchGuard policy to grant our technicians access to a Firebox or XTM appliance to troubleshoot issues.  For added security and ease of granting WatchGuard Support access, we have added an additional Support Access feature to Fireware v12.0.1 



Fireware 12.1 Now Available

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We are pleased to announce the new release of Fireware 12.1 and WSM 12.1! These significant new releases are now available for download from the software download center. The highlight of Fireware 12.1 is the Access Portal, a clientless application portal that is available for SSO integration for cloud assets and internal resources via RDP and SSH. With the rate and notoriety of recent cybersecurity incidents involving compromised personal information, the marketplace for web-based authentication solutions continues to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate upwards of 10%.1 The Access Portal is...


Wi-Fi Maintenance Update

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Hello WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Users,

We are planning a brief maintenance on Friday December 8, 2017 between 7:00PM and 8:00PM Pacific Time to deploy improvements to the Wi-Fi Cloud.

During the maintenance window, access to the Wi-Fi Cloud Dashboard will be down for maintenance (approximately 15 minutes). Your access points and splash pages will continue to pass client traffic and will not be interrupted. 

If you have any questions regarding the update, please visit


WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Team

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