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Released: New AuthPoint Self Service Portal Feature

We are excited to announce that the Self-Service Portal feature is now available in AuthPoint!

This feature gives the users autonomy to activate their own tokens, both mobile and hardware, by accessing their company’s IdP portal. Users that are enrolling for the first time and still do not have an active token, can activate it as part of the login flow on the IdP portal. Users that are already enrolled and have an active token can also activate a new mobile or hardware token after they have logged into the –MFA protected- IdP portal. A key benefit for the operators is that they don’t need to associate and activate the hardware token for the users, simply ship it to the user, and he will be able to associate and activate it for himself in one single operation on the IdP portal. This simplifies logistics and the management of the tokens, as well as reduce support calls. Partners that prefer to manage tokens on their own, can opt to disable this feature and continue controlling the activations without the Self-Service capabilities.

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