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AuthPoint MFA is now available for Windows UAC prompts

The new Agent for Windows v3.1 now includes MFA protection for Windows UAC (User Account Control) prompts. When a user tries to perform an action that requires administrative privileges, such as allowing an app to make changes to the device, the UAC prompt now requires the user to authenticate with MFA in addition to providing their password.

Incorporating MFA into our Windows UAC workflow is a proactive step towards fortifying our security posture and safeguarding our critical assets from potential threats, including benefits like:

  • Heightened Security
  • Mitigation of Credential Theft
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Reduced Risk of Insider Threats

Protected Windows Resources: Here are just a few examples of Windows resources that can now be safeguarded by UAC with AuthPoint MFA:

  • Windows administrative tools
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Windows system operations
  • Security and maintenance settings
  • Install and uninstall applications

Configure Windows to require credentials for UAC: For the AuthPoint Agent for Windows to enforce MFA for UAC prompts, the computer must be configured to require credentials for UAC prompts.

The installer is available on the Downloads page of your AuthPoint account. You can install it on new machines or upgrade existing ones using the same deployment method as the previous agent versions, manually or silently, with any software distribution tool of your preference.

See the Help Center article for detailed steps to configure or install the Logon app.

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