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New version of the Agent for Windows is available!

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of the AuthPoint Agent for Windows.

This version improves the treatment of the MFA, specially for RDP connection scenarios, and enhances the user experience by allowing to automatically send a push notification to users during the login process. This makes the authentication experience more convenient, allowing users to simply type the username and password and approve the push notification using the mobile AuthPoint token. Users can configure or disable this feature.

Keep your machines always updated with the latest version of the Agent for Windows

For the machines that are already configured with the agent, you can simply download the installer from the AuthPoint Downloads page in WatchGuard Cloud and apply the installer on the machines. Remember that you can also install it using some distribution tool and command line interface. Read this Help Center article for more details.

If the agent for Windows is not installed on your computer, go through this checklist before you install it:

  • You have an AuthPoint user with an active token
  • The user name you use to log on to the computer matches your AuthPoint user name
  • You have added a Logon app resource in the AuthPoint management UI
  • You have assigned an access policy for the Logon app resource to your AuthPoint group
  • You can restart the computer after you install the Logon app
  • Your computer must be connected to the Internet before you log on for the first time


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