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New AuthPoint Feature: Email Activation Control

We are improving the token activation process by adding new configuration options for operators. The email activation control feature helps to better match the user token activation flow with customer needs, as in the following scenarios:

  • Customers that are using Office with MFA and their users don’t have access to the email to activate the token. Instead, they activate through the applications portal. 
  • Customers that are using hardware tokens. In this case, the activation does not require the email. 
  • Customers are doing an initial setup, creating users, but will configure the resources later, so the activation email must be sent later.

The new configuration options are available when creating a user or configuring the synchronization from Active Directory or Azure:

  • Disable automatic assignment of a mobile token to new users,
  • Disable automatic activation emails to new users.

These options combined with the capability of users to activate tokens using the single sign-on (SSO) applications portal helps admins prioritize customer needs and improves token management, as well as process optimization. We aim to improve organizations' access control processes and enhance their security mechanisms while keeping intruders at bay.

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