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New with AuthPoint: Beta version of the Agent for macOS

We are excited to announce that an updated version of the AuthPoint agent for macOS is now available to beta test! We’ve redesigned the new agent for macOS to provide more features and make the authentication process easier. This version has two main new features:

  • Automatic Push Notifications: AuthPoint users can configure automatic Push notifications which will be trigger after typing username and password to access an application. This can be convenient to some users who will prefer to skip the “Send Push” step, but it can also be disabled.
  • Login Access for Non-AuthPoint Users: Non-AuthPoint users can now login to macOS applications without requesting MFA. This feature already exists on the Agent for Windows (platforms? Environments? We need a word here) and has now been implemented for macOS. This feature is particularly useful for Service Providers that need to access customers’ machines to provide support. The configuration and behavior are exactly the same as we have for Windows and there are no risks associated with this benefit.

Remember that the Agent for macOS also supports macOS Catalina.

TRY IT! Join the beta to try these features and let us know what you think!

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