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AuthPoint MFA is now available for Windows Hello

The AuthPoint MFA Agent for Windows has been updated to include support for Windows Hello for Business. This version now offers the capability to add AuthPoint MFA methods of verification for computers and servers enrolled in Windows Hello for Business. Passwordless support from Hello includes fingerprint, face recognition, and PIN (fallback), and then users will verify their identity with Push, QR code, or OTP from AuthPoint MFA. 

Remember that the MFA options for Windows Hello can also be combined with Policy Objects (Time Schedule, Network Locations, Geofence and Geokinetics), so you have the flexibility to configure the security level that best matches your requirements. If you need more information about Policy Objects usage, check here.

Additionally, credential provider wrapping is supported to enable service providers to load SpecOps Password Policy Tool together with this version of the AuthPoint MFA Windows Logon Agent for clients that are not enrolled in Windows Hello for Business.

The installer is available in the Downloads page of your AuthPoint account. You can install it on new machines or upgrade existing ones using the same deploy method of the previous agent versions, manually or silently, with any software distribution tool of your preference.

See the Help Center article for detailed steps to configure or install the Logon app.

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