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AuthPoint Gateway HA Beta is now Available

AuthPoint Gateway version 5 with High Availability support is now available to beta test!

This new version supports two main features:

You can now configure and install secondary Gateways to provide high availability for LDAP user authentication. If your primary Gateway is not available, AuthPoint automatically sends LDAP user authentications through the secondary Gateway until the primary Gateway becomes available again. You can have the primary Gateway and up to 5 additional secondary Gateways.

For RADIUS client resources, you can now choose to send the Active Directory group for the attribute 11 (Filter-ID) value in RADIUS responses. This enables you to apply firewall policies based on the user’s AD group.

To get started, visit our beta management site at You’ll find instructions on how to install the Gateway and start using the new features.

We look forward to hearing any suggestions or feedback you can give us to help make the Gateway even better!

Thanks for helping us to make AuthPoint a great product!

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