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How a Cloud platform benefits your MSP business

Managed security services are growing across all regions. Companies are placing greater emphasis on cybersecurity and traditional MSPs have added these services to their offerings to meet this need. 

According to data from a recent report, more than half of MSPs that currently do not offer managed security services expect to start doing so later this year. MSPs wishing to make this transition need to update and adapt their business model and select the right tools to manage their customers' security effectively. Moreover, MSPs who already provide these services and are looking to enhance their operations can begin by exploring the benefits that a robust Cloud-based cybersecurity management platform delivers in terms of optimizing business management.

5 benefits of a Cloud-based cybersecurity management platform 

Today's cyber spaces are increasingly hybrid and complex, which means MSPs must keep operations simple to avoid security breaches. To serve the needs of a diverse group of customers successfully, you need tools that are easy to use and secure. Here are 5 benefits of implementing a Cloud management tool for your MSP business: 

1. Greater visibility: 

A Cloud platform provides a centralized overview of your customers' different cybersecurity assets. It shows you the status of your security services, which saves time and helps you make timely, informed, and effective decisions about customer network security. Agile and user-friendly reporting also enables you to demonstrate the value of your work to your customers and build trust.

2. Automation: 

The ability to automate repetitive tasks, such as tool configuration, streamlines customer cybersecurity management. This helps free up your analysts so that they can spend time on more complex and valuable tasks and avoids burnout. 

3. Scalability: 

If your goal is to grow, you need scalable tools that can adapt to the changing conditions of your business. Having a Cloud-based management platform enables you to take on and manage an unlimited number of customers, regardless of type, location, or size.

4. Efficient and simplified management: 

Better management means higher efficiency. A Cloud-based cybersecurity management platform optimizes and simplifies workflows while reducing infrastructure costs. It streamlines tasks such as navigating customer accounts, managing policies, simultaneously accessing different accounts, or even onboarding new customers so you can start offering your managed services instantly, which reduces the time you spend on operational tasks.

5. Security: 

A robust Cloud-based cybersecurity management platform, such as WatchGuard Cloud, protects all data within the system by encrypting it in transit and at rest. This enables you to implement role-based access control and maintains logical data separation between tenants and subscriber accounts.

Adopting a Cloud management platform can make all the difference to an MSP's business. As Chris Bates, sales director at NETBuilder points out, "As we focus on growing our managed services business over the next five to ten years, the step WatchGuard has taken to bring everything under one platform deliverable via the Ccyloud has transformed our MSP business."

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