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WatchGuard Advanced EPDR Is Now Available in the Unified Security Platform

We are thrilled to announce the launch of WatchGuard Advanced EPDR as part of our Unified Security Platform® architecture. Now available in WatchGuard’s distribution channels, WatchGuard Advanced EPDR is tightly integrated within WatchGuard Cloud and ThreatSync, delivering valuable visibility and intelligence while fortifying cross-product detection and response.  

As the latest addition to the WatchGuard Endpoint Security portfolio, this new release brings a product to MSPs that extends WatchGuard EPDR with additional capabilities designed specifically for security operations teams willing to provide additional managed services to discover, contain, and remediate uncovered sophisticated threats on their customers' endpoints. 

So, why do security operations teams need WatchGuard Advanced EPDR? 

In addition to the security capabilities and key differentiators of WatchGuard EPDR in the market ‒ which include its layered protection approach, EDR capabilities, Zero-Trust Application Service, and Threat Hunting Service (just a few) ‒ the advanced version provides handy tools to hunt threats lurking in customer endpoints and respond to them: 

  • Centralized management and search engine of IoCs compatible with STIX and YARA rules – WatchGuard Advanced EPDR offers a simple way to centrally manage and search for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) on endpoints while consolidating the results in an intuitive dashboard. This enables security analysts to quickly hunt for recently disclosed incidents, exchange security intelligence, and find impacted endpoints through incident analysis. 

  • Discovery of advanced, non-deterministic IoAs mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework –Advanced EPDR enhances the Threat Hunting Service in WatchGuard EPDR and EDR by inspecting endpoint telemetry further with automated analytics to identify and notify those signals. These advanced indicators of attack (IoAs) allow analysts to assess their context more deeply and respond if an ongoing incident is detected. 

  • The remote shell allows further investigation, containment, and mitigation of threats – Advanced EPDR enables security analysts to remotely connect to the organization’s endpoints from the web console to assess their status, investigate an incident, and take action to contain an attack. 

Purpose-built to empower the security operations team. 

WatchGuard Advanced EPDR adds further hunting and response tools to WatchGuard EPDR that MSPs and their security teams can leverage to: 

  • Build comprehensive endpoint-managed security services – WatchGuard Advanced EPDR packs a comprehensive range of autonomous capabilities that enable robust endpoint security programs comprising attack surface reduction, threat prevention, automated detection, and response, along with proactive threat hunting and prompt response via remote connections to endpoints, reducing the dwell time of any threats that manage to slip in under the radar. 

  • Enable cost-effective security operations ‒ Like WatchGuard EPDR, the Zero-Trust Application Service saves significant time for security teams that would otherwise be spent investigating suspicious files.  

  • Enhance hunting, detection, and response skills with ease – WatchGuard Advanced EPDR enables teams to discover threat traces without dealing with complex data lake queries thanks to centralized IoCs searches with STIX and YARA rules. Its Threat Hunting Service delivers additional non-deterministic IoAs contextualized with further telemetry investigation. Remote access to impacted endpoints enables additional incident investigation and rapid containment and remediation actions. 

  • Grow & scale managed security services at their pace – WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform brings comprehensive security from network to endpoint, Wi-Fi, and identity, with distinctive platform features that automate and enhance managed services while increasing efficiency and driving profitability, at no additional cost. The more services they adopt, the greater their operational and business benefits. 

 Designed to better support MSPs by empowering their security teams, WatchGuard Advanced EPDR is a critical resource that enables our partners to elevate their managed security service offerings, stay ahead in the ever-evolving threat landscape, and provide customers with unparalleled protection, detection, and response.  

Embrace the future of cybersecurity services with confidence. Click here to download WatchGuard's Advanced EPDR datasheet and learn how WatchGuard Advanced EPDR can enhance your security operations here.  

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