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New AuthPoint Risk Framework

We are happy to announce that we have launched the new AuthPoint Risk Framework in WatchGuard Cloud. The improved authentication policy management allows for more granularity and flexibility when creating rules for your users and resources.

You also have now the option to create a policy to deny authentications under certain conditions or for specific groups or resources.

Network Locations (formerly Safe Locations) is the first risk feature available and we are working on adding additional policies throughout 2021, including: time policies, device risk, computer risk, as well as geolocation policies.

Main Changes You’ll See in WatchGuard Cloud:

  • Access policies are now authentication policies
  • You configure authentication policies separately from groups
  • Each authentication policy can apply to multiple groups and resources
  • You can now configure policies to deny authentications
  • You can now configure policy objects, such as network locations (previously called safe locations) separately from groups
  • You can now add users to more than one group
  • You can now sync groups from Active Directory and Azure Active Directory

Your existing policies have been automatically converted to the new policy system, so AuthPoint users or admins don’t need to migrate or integrate anything to start using the new risk framework.

To learn more about the new AuthPoint Risk Framework, watch this video, which addresses all you need to know to understand the new structure and UI.

You can also read the FAQ for more information. Don’t see a question that should be posted in the FAQ? Email me at [email protected]

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