Distributed Enterprise

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Defending the Distributed Enterprise

As your business grows and reaches into new markets, you need to be where your customers are. And whether that means opening a branch office to meet the needs of your current market or a franchise location to expand into a new one, growing your business can strain your already limited resources and create new security risks.

Today’s distributed enterprise is in a constant struggle of adequately securing disparate locations without adding more complexity than your limited staff can handle. You also need to guarantee that security policies are consistently deployed and able to be efficiently managed back at headquarters.

How can you win the battle against cost and complexity to defend your distributed enterprise organization?

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Enterprise-grade Security

At the heart of it, you’re worried about protecting your business from the threats you know and the attacks yet to be discovered. You need a security solution that provides protection from known, unknown and even evasive threats across your organization.

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As any business with multiple locations, you need a way to guarantee that each site has the performance necessary to make effective use of VoIP, video, and other business-critical applications. An SD-WAN solution offers dynamic WAN selection to ensure high performance for every site while stabilizing Internet service costs at the same time.

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Cloud Deployment

As your business becomes more distributed, it can drain valuable and limited resources to ensure that each site is set up correctly and securely. The ability to configure security policies and deploy your solutions from the Cloud saves you time and money as your business grows.

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Centralized Management

The more locations you have to manage, the more complex your infrastructure becomes. You need visibility into each location, but also want to have a clear picture of your entire organization. Additionally, as you add new security platforms into your business, it can mean juggling multiple management interfaces. But working with one provider to cover multiple security needs can decrease the number of UIs your team needs to learn and manage.

WatchGuard Security Products for Your Distributed Enterprise

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Firebox Network
Security Appliances

WatchGuard appliances came equipped with SD-WAN as a standard feature to ensure high-performing traffic at all locations. Best of all, protect your distributed locations from today’s greatest threats with our comprehensive security suite centrally managed through WatchGuard Dimension.

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Multi-factor Authentication

WatchGuard AuthPoint provides the additional password security you need without the enterprise bells and whistles you don’t. Managed and deployed from WatchGuard Cloud, AuthPoint makes it easy for you to set up licenses for every person in your organization.

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Cloud Wi-Fi

If you offer free Wi-Fi to your guests, customers and visitors, you need to make sure it’s secure. Our Secure Wi-Fi Access points are centrally managed in the Cloud Management Platform and are the only ones on the market that can protect you from the 6 known Wi-Fi threat categories.

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