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World Backup Day: How and why to make backup copies

Data protection continues to be a headache for many companies. Nowadays, data theft is a concern that affects organizations worldwide, making threat protection a priority but, for many, it is still a pending task. 

A recent report reveals that ransomware attacks are likely to compromise the data of 80% of organizations. Faced with this threat, cybersecurity experts stress the importance of backing up data to minimize damage if an attack does occur. 

Backing up data on different servers and networks on a regular basis is one of the main ways to combat data theft. If your company stores copies on a separate network or offline you won’t lose data permanently after a cyberattack, avoiding extortion by hackers and other serious financial and reputational consequences. 

Given the importance of this habit in enabling organizations to recover after a cyberattack, World Backup Day is celebrated every year at the end of March to promote the benefits of making backups. 

How to approach backups in the right way

To mark World Backup Day, we want to emphasize the key role this simple habit plays in improving business security. We highlight some of the benefits of this practice for organizations below: 

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance: 

    Specific regulations currently govern the population’s data. Making backups that boost data security can help companies comply with this legislation.

  • Up-to-date and accessible information: 

    If backups are made on a regular basis, information will be updated on company systems. Having a good backup service in place also ensures that data is always available to those authorized to consult it. 

  • Additional security: 

    Organizations can strengthen sensitive data protection by storing backups in separate systems, especially if they are offline.

  • Ensuring business continuity: 

    In the event of a cyberattack, having backup copies can save organizations from extra expenses in repair work. 

In addition to backups, implementing a system that encrypts sensitive data can be a useful complement to ensure comprehensive data protection. Thanks to solutions such as WatchGuard Full Encryption, corporate data is encrypted in such a way that it is shielded from external agents. This allows pre-access authentication, which verifies the user's identity and prevents data loss and theft by blocking unauthorized access to data. 

In short, making backup copies can be a factor that makes the difference when facing a cyberattack, improving your ability to respond and recover from these threats. Organizations need good security support, and they should establish a protection and periodic updating protocol to safeguard data integrity. 

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