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Webinar: A Preview of CyGlass Detection and Response with WatchGuard

On September 19th, WatchGuard acquired CyGlass, a leading provider of Cloud and network threat detection and response solutions that help organizations see risks, stop threats, and prove compliance.  Once integrated into the WatchGuard Unified Security Platform architecture, the CyGlass technology will deliver AI- and ML-based detection of network anomalies and accelerate Open XDR capabilities.

In this webinar, leaders from product management will share a first look at the technology with partners. 

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Our goal is that you:

  • Learn what makes this exciting technology such an important addition to WatchGuard's platform
  • Understand how it enhances partner use cases, and see it in action with product demos
  • Hear about our roadmap for NDR and Open XDR in ThreatSync and WatchGuard Cloud
  • Ask questions about how WatchGuard enables MSP


Watch this on-demand webinar now!

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