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WatchGuard Launches AI-Driven ThreatSync+ NDR

In a world where cybersecurity threats are ever evolving and increasingly sophisticated, businesses of all sizes need robust solutions to protect their networks. However, these solutions have traditionally been costly and complex. WatchGuard is changing that tradition with the launch of its new ThreatSync+ Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution. This groundbreaking, 100% Cloud-native solution leverages artificial intelligence to offer comprehensive threat detection and response capabilities, making enterprise-class security accessible to all.

What Makes ThreatSync+ NDR Stand Out?

  • Unified Visibility and Response: WatchGuard's ThreatSync+ NDR seamlessly integrates technology from CyGlass Technology Services, which WatchGuard acquired, into its Unified Security Platform®. This powerful combination uses AI to identify and mitigate threats that slip past traditional defenses, drastically cutting down attacker dwell time and efficiently tackling ransomware, supply chain threats, and other sophisticated attacks.
  • Simplified Deployment: One of the standout features of ThreatSync+ NDR is its easy deployment. Unlike traditional NDR solutions that require complex and costly hardware installations, WatchGuard's Cloud-based architecture eliminates these barriers. Businesses can quickly and affordably implement this advanced security solution without extensive resources or infrastructure.
  • Empowering Businesses of All Sizes: WatchGuard ThreatSync+ NDR provides additional protection that customers need to defend against the onslaught of supply chain and ransomware attacks. For many, the complexity and cost of legacy NDR solutions have been a significant barrier. WatchGuard's approach is a game-changer, offering enterprise-class protection at a price point that's within reach for businesses of any size.

Advanced Features for Modern Threats

  • AI-Powered Detection Engine: The core of ThreatSync+ NDR features an advanced AI detection engine. This engine uses unsupervised and semi-supervised machine learning within a self-learning neural network to provide high-fidelity, automated threat detection. This capability is essential for identifying and countering threats within the network, offering a solid defense against sophisticated cyberattacks.
  • Comprehensive Network Monitoring: ThreatSync+ NDR continuously monitors all network traffic and devices around the clock, detecting changes that may signal a cyberattack. From rogue IoT devices to unsecured ports, the system prioritizes risks and provides actionable insights, enabling IT teams to focus on the most critical threats.
  • Configurable Compliance Reporting: In addition to threat detection, ThreatSync+ NDR includes powerful compliance reporting features. The solution supports numerous standards, including NIST-800-53, ISO27001, and CISA controls. IT teams can generate detailed reports on network health, threats, and compliance with its configurable reporting engine, ensuring ongoing cyber hygiene and regulatory adherence.

Meeting the Growing Demand for NDR

As cyber threats continue to grow in complexity, the demand for advanced network detection and response solutions is rising. The global NDR market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.3% from 2023 to 2030, underscoring the critical need for technologies like ThreatSync+ NDR.

WatchGuard's partners appreciate the opportunity to enhance our highly successful Unified Security Platform to provide better protection for their customers. At the same time, their customers are requesting improved tools to defend against advanced attacks. Therefore, the launch of ThreatSync+ NDR to the market, with its easy deployment and operations, delivering comprehensive, enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions for organizations of all sizes, comes at an ideal time.


WatchGuard's ThreatSync+ NDR is a transformative addition to the cybersecurity landscape, offering robust AI-driven threat detection and response capabilities in a cost-effective, Cloud-native package. For businesses looking to bolster their cybersecurity defenses without the traditional hurdles of complexity and high costs, ThreatSync+ NDR is a compelling solution. As cyber threats continue escalating, solutions like this are not just beneficial but essential.

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