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Mastering Technical Certifications with Training from WatchGuard

Earning or renewing a technical certification with WatchGuard empowers you to enhance your expertise and stay up to date with the latest advancements in our products. WatchGuard offers exams that cover the spectrum of essential skills related to WatchGuard solutions. Combining hands-on experience with these certification exams can substantially help you provide the best possible security to your customers in an efficient and scalable way.  

To get started, browse WatchGuard's certification offerings, and select the specialization that aligns with your certification goals. With a wealth of resources available, including study guides, video courses, lab exercises, and instructor-led training, you can immerse yourself in comprehensive learning materials that cover essential concepts and practical applications. All these resources are offered at no cost to our valued partners.

No matter how you prefer to learn, whether through hands-on experience, self-service options, video training, study guides, or instructor-led training, our commitment remains unwavering in providing flexible, accessible, and consumable information. These resources have been thoughtfully designed to empower your learning experience and enhance your understanding of the solutions available to you and your customers.

Preparing for Your Technical Certification

WatchGuard provides the following resources in the Learning Center:

  • Essentials Courseware:  Content in the Learning Center specific to the core set of knowledge you need to set up and manage WatchGuard products, which also supports our Essentials certification exam. We have an Essentials course for each of our products (Firebox local and Cloud management, Endpoint, Identity Security, and Wi-Fi).
  • Study Guide: A reference resource designed to assist you in reviewing essential material, including sample exam questions.
  • Lab Book: A compilation of exercises you can follow on your own to practice configuring and applying concepts within your lab environment.
  • Instructor-Led Training: WatchGuard trainers conduct free instructor-led training and lab sessions for partners, addressing each product line. These sessions focus on hands-on exercises to guide partners through getting started to using a product and basic troubleshooting.

Advantages of Being Technically Certified

WatchGuardONE certifications contribute to your organization's overall WatchGuardONE status. The greater the number of Specializations your business earns and maintains, the greater your rewards. Through the WatchGuardONE program, we reward your efforts in completing competency-based sales and technical certifications in each product area. Each specialization your organization completes earns you greater recognition and margin opportunity.

A key benefit of a technically certified partner is operational efficiency. The ability of certified technicians to swiftly onboard new customers is a key driver in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. With a solid technical foundation, certified WatchGuard partners can resolve issues more promptly and tackle a larger number of customer accounts per person. This operational agility can significantly lower response times, increase client satisfaction, and reduce resource strain.

Completing and maintaining WatchGuardONE Specializations unlocks an incredible universe of discounts, sales promotions, and other sales and marketing benefits that come with the higher levels of the program, which not only increases margins significantly but equips your entire team with an extensive arsenal of marketing resources when you go to market. Read more about the benefits of WatchGuardONE certifications here and visiting our site Channel Partner Program.

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