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Disk encryption: the key to boosting your MSP service

Storing business data on personal devices and laptops has increased in recent years due to the shift towards hybrid or remote working models. This substantially raises the risk of sensitive information being exfiltrated if employees suffer theft, loss, or accidentally forget their devices. The absence of access security measures for devices is an additional cybersecurity threat, as it would make it easier for any unauthorized person to gain direct access to corporate data, compromising its confidentiality and integrity.

In fact, according to a Forrester Research report, only 7% of security decision-makers are concerned that a lost or stolen asset will lead to an exfiltration of sensitive or confidential data, despite the fact that such incidents account for 17% of data breaches. This figure demonstrates that the theft or loss of devices poses a very real problem for companies.  These dangers shouldn’t be seen as isolated or infrequent incidents whereas controls to strengthen security should be put in place. Disk encryption is an essential measure to protect corporate devices against this type of situation. 

How can disk encryption boost your MSP business?

Disk encryption is a simple and effective tool to protect the data as it encrypts all content on the device, from the operating system to personal files. When the device is turned on, the user can be required to enter a password to unlock and decrypt the drive. This ensures that the data is inaccessible to others in the event of loss or theft.

This type of encryption is especially useful for protecting devices containing sensitive data, such as laptops or external hard drives. Mindful of this use, what are the advantages of offering disk encryption to your customers?

  • Improves data security: 

    Disk encryption helps protect your customers' sensitive and confidential data, making it solely accessible to authorized users. This measure not only reduces the risks associated with lost or stolen devices but also helps prevent confidential or sensitive data from becoming public and potentially damaging both the security and image of the company. 

  • Contributes to your regulatory compliance: 

    Various industries and regulations require sensitive data protection and recognize encryption as an effective security control mechanism. By offering encryption solutions you can help your customers comply with these regulations, providing a strong selling point, especially in industries subject to strict regulations such as the healthcare sector with HIPAA or CCPA.  

  • Promotes secure remote working: 

    Disk encryption is an effective tool for reducing the risks of remote work. Offering disk encryption services to your customers demonstrates that you understand today's security demands and are committed to protecting their data.

  • Builds your reputation and trust in your business: 

    Concern for information security is growing for both businesses and consumers. Offering disk encryption as part of your services demonstrates your commitment to security, which helps customer trust and enhances your reputation in the marketplace.

  • Enables you to differentiate yourself from your competition: 

    According to a recent study, 33% of IT and cybersecurity professionals surveyed attributed data loss at their organization to not having encrypted data. This is despite 90% agreeing that encryption is good for their overall security. The survey also revealed that many organizations want to encrypt their data but are unsure how to do so due to a lack of staff with the necessary experience and expertise. Given this data, in such a competitive market, offering disk encryption solutions or services can help you stand out from the competition.

Today, with security threats on the rise, implementing disk encryption is proving to be the first line of defense in a comprehensive security strategy. And it is surprisingly easy to manage and use. As an MSP, offering an encryption solution not only enhances the security of your customers, but can also be a valuable business opportunity, cementing your reputation in an increasingly challenging digital environment.

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