WatchGuard Full Encryption

Securing Sensitive Data in Your Organization

Working remotely or from the office has significantly increased a company's likelihood of misplaced, lost, or stolen laptops and USB drives every day. This new hybrid workspace makes it more critical than ever for IT admins to minimize data exposure and provide an additional layer of security and control to your organization. WatchGuard Full Encryption secures endpoints and their data to prevent data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Key Features

Enforce and deploy disk and removable storage encryption policies
Prove laptops and USB drives encryption status with real-time data
Centrally manage user recovery keys through the web console
Prevent loss, theft, and unauthorized access to data
Report on encryption status
Enable pre-boot authentication to verify user’s identity
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Encryption Is a Crucial First Line of Defense for Laptops and USBs

Protecting sensitive data is non-negotiable. With WatchGuard Full Encryption, prevent unauthorized access and data breaches by providing complete disk encryption for both Windows and macOS devices. By using established authentication mechanisms, it protects valuable information from unauthorized eyes. This ensures that only approved users can access and view the information, making it a reliable tool for security professionals.

Take a Proactive Approach Towards Your Organization’s Security

Encryption is one of the most common and effective processes organizations can incorporate to increase digital data confidentiality. All recovery keys are securely stored in our Cloud-based platform, which, at the same time, provides great visibility into device status, including which disks and USB drives are encrypted and the last time a device checked in.
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Meet Data Security Compliance Goals

Some of the most important regulations, such as GDPR, LOPD, LDPD or CCPA, strongly recommend disk encryption implementation to strengthen data security and enforce the intended access. WatchGuard Full Encryption helps you protect sensitive information from unauthorized access while enabling appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the proper defense of your systems.

The loss or theft of assets like laptops involved 20% of data breaches reported by global security decision-makers in 2020.

The State Of Privacy And Data Protection, 2021 - Forrester

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