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Available Now: WatchGuard Remote Access Point Feature

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Organizations around the world have taken another look at how they run their business. With the exponential growth of remote workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies have adopted a remote/hybrid work model even when things get back to normal.  

What does this mean for IT administrators? They need a way to easily connect users back to corporate data with a little administrative effort as possible, while the solutions stay transparent to the end user. But most importantly it must be secure.  

WatchGuard introduces the ability to deploy Cloud-managed access points (AP) that tunnel traffic back to corporate resources based on the SSID an end-user is connected to. With WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Cloud management, you can easily manage your Wi-Fi no matter where it is installed. Introducing the WatchGuard Remote Access Point (RAP) solution - adding more options in your toolbox to support the remote workforce. 

RAP Specifications: 

  • Supported on WatchGuard AP225W, AP327X, and AP420.
  • IPsec VPN between AP and WatchGuard Firewall.
  • Centralized Cloud-management for easy deployment and visibility.
  • Extend your Trusted Wireless Environment to where your employees are.

Use Cases: 

  • Remote employees
  • Remote student and faculty
  • Corporate office
  • Small branch office

You can now provide the best remote user experience with WatchGuard’s RAP solution, so your employees can focus on their job and not worry about the security of your company data. The RAP can quickly be deployed using IPsec Mobile VPN and is included with your Secure Wi-Fi or Total Wi-Fi management license. 

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