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New Beta alert! Take your passwords security to a new level

Lack of password management is exposing companies to credentials theft. Our AuthPoint MFA helps to mitigate issues related to user authentication, and passwords are indeed one of those factors. They need to be protected as well. To help you and your customers protect passwords, we are launching AuthPoint Total Identity Security.

Total Identity Security is our new authentication product that, besides all the AuthPoint capabilities you already use today (like authentication, policies, user and risk management), includes two other sets of features:

  • Dark Web Monitor: a tool that notifies users and administrators if their corporate credentials ended up in the dark web, through a new leaked database. This allows you to be proactive and change the password, even if it wasn’t necessarily cracked.
  • Business Password Manager: a tool that allows your company to engage users on redefining their business passwords, using unique, complex and virtually impossible-to-crack passwords for each service requiring it. Integrated with the AuthPoint Mobile App and Web SSO to sites and corporate applications not natively supporting MFA. Cloud applications can be integrated into the IdP portal, so the credentials for these are filled out automatically (forms-based authentication), giving the SSO experience. It helps to:
    • Reduce credentials management costs
    • Increase user adoption of identity protection
    • Reduce exposure related to credential theft (phishing, dark web, social engineering, etc.)

And this is not the only news. To try AuthPoint Total Identity Security features, you can set trial licenses for yourself and your customers directly in WatchGuard Cloud, with our simple and integrated WatchGuard Cloud Trials Center.

Check the beta details in Total Identity Security - Beta and start taking advantage of AuthPoint Total Identity Security!

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