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New AuthPoint Time Schedule Policy

Earlier this year, we launched the AuthPoint Risk Framework, a powerful and flexible way to manage authentication policies. We are now happy to announce that we have launched the Time Schedule as a new type of policy. The Time Schedule policy enables you to specify the dates and times when authentication policies apply to user authentications. You can configure a time schedule policy object if you want to:

  • Allow authentication only during specified times, such as work hours.
  • Restrict authentication during specific times, such as non-work hours and holidays.
  • Enforce different authentication requirements at different times.
  • Use a safe network location to allow users to bypass MFA when they authenticate from the office, but only during specified times, such as work hours.

We continue to work on adding new risk policies to provide a stronger risk-based authentication framework to AuthPoint users. Stay tuned as we prepare to release geo-based policies next!

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