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New AuthPoint product: AuthPoint Total Identity Security

We are launching AuthPoint Total Identity Security, a new product bundle from the AuthPoint product line, which offers:

  • AuthPoint MFA – Deploy a complete multi-factor authentication solution with single sign-on (SSO) and risk-based authentication that’s easy to manage and use. AuthPoint MFA service is also available for purchase separately.
  • Dark Web Monitor – Get notified when compromised credentials from monitored domains are found on the dark web and published to credentials databases.
  • Corporate Password Manager – Improve password quality, reduce resets, and mitigate risk from shared or stolen passwords. Our Corporate Password Manager creates strong, complex passwords and provides the enforcement controls and shared vaults that businesses need.

Total Identity Security enables customers to protect their users’ accounts and credentials regardless of whether they have fully adopted multi-factor authentication, plus add a new layer of protection by monitoring for potential credential exposure in the dark web for both personal and corporate accounts.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web Monitor is a proactive service that notifies both administrators and end-users when compromised credentials from monitored domains are found in a newly acquired credentials database that is published to the WatchGuard Dark Web service.

Password Manager

A corporate password manager gives companies more control over password quality, reduce the need for password resets, and can help to mitigate issues related to shared, reused, and stolen passwords.

With WatchGuard’s Corporate Password Manager, when users need to access their apps or systems, they can retrieve their passwords using the AuthPoint mobile app, available for iOS and Android and browser extension, available for all major browsers. This allows businesses to add non-SAML Cloud applications to the Application Portal to fill out credentials automatically (forms-based authentication) for a smooth SSO experience.

Try it now

Talk to your partner or go to your WatchGuard account and access the Trials page for a one-click trial experience to start using it. You can even try the AuthPoint Total Identity Security in the same account that you already have an active AuthPoint MFA license.

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