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Network Access Enforcement – Beyond Traditional NAC

Securing your network perimeter is only half the battle in today's threat landscape. Malicious actors increasingly target vulnerabilities within your network, often through compromised devices. This is where WatchGuard Technologies' Network Access Enforcement comes in, acting as a powerful gatekeeper ensuring only compliant devices access your network.

What is Network Access Enforcement?

It is a security solution that goes beyond traditional network access control. It enforces specific security policies on devices attempting to connect to your network, regardless of location. This means devices must meet pre-defined security standards, such as:

  • Having active antivirus protection.
  • Running tools like WatchGuard Endpoint Security.
  • Meeting specific operating system patch levels.
  • Being free from malware infections.

Only devices that comply with these policies are granted access, while non-compliant devices are blocked, preventing them from threatening your network.

Benefits of Network Access Enforcement:

  • Enhanced security: Reduce the risk of malware infections and data breaches by ensuring only secure devices access your network.
  • Simplified compliance: Easily enforce security policies across your entire network, including remote devices.
  • Improved visibility: Gain insights into the security posture of your devices and identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Reduced workload: Automate device security checks and enforcement, freeing up IT resources for other tasks.
  • Policy-based enforcement: Define granular security policies to meet your specific needs.
  • Multiple deployment options: Integrate NAE with your WatchGuard Firebox or Access Point and manage it through WatchGuard Cloud.

Ready to Secure Your Network with Confidence?

You are always looking to improve your network security posture, and WatchGuard’s Network Access Enforcement is a powerful tool to add. Don't wait for a security breach to happen – discover more information on Network Access Enforcement in our Help Center or feature brief.  

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