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Introducing WatchGuard Firebox Policy Management in WatchGuard Cloud

We are excited to announce the release of Firebox Policy Management in WatchGuard Cloud. Our goal with WatchGuard Cloud has always been to build a powerful, cloud-hosted security platform that directly supports the way MSPs do business, and our latest release takes WatchGuard Firebox management to a new level. Now WatchGuard Cloud consolidates the management of network security, multi-factor authentication, and threat intelligence to an easy-to-learn Cloud platform.

Designed for operational efficiency, policy creation and VPN deployment are a breeze with WatchGuard Cloud. Create policy templates for easy and repeatable deployment across many clients. Policies can even be built offline and scheduled for deployment when the time is right, so you can make changes and build policy in advance before spending costly time at customer sites.

10 Things to Love About Firebox Management in WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. Increased efficiency and compliance mean you can get your Firebox up and running in minutes
  2. Policy templates that can apply configurations to multiple appliances across multiple tiers and tenants
  3. Streamlined configuration and deployment of security policy
  4. Offline configuration, and the ability to schedule deployment in advance
  5. Policy Map and Policy Usage Reports can be used for automated audits, to find active and misconfigured policies, and to free up teams
  6. Role-based access control to ensure that only appropriate IT admins have access to Firebox rules
  7. Less stressful and more rewarding policy management, cutting time in day- to-day operations
  8. Easily define networks for VoIP systems or other IOT devices with intent-based network set-up
  9. Consolidated traffic types when firewall rules cut down on the number of rules to manage
  10. Firmware upgrades made easy from the WatchGuard Cloud platform when downloaded on schedule around the world from a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Test Drive WatchGuard Cloud for yourself!

Try our FREE online demo and see how easy it is to manage and report on AuthPoint, Threat Detection and Response, and WatchGuard Firebox.

Keep Up with What’s New in WatchGuard Cloud

WatchGuard regularly updates and improves on the WatchGuard Cloud platform. To learn more about the developments to WatchGuard Cloud, please refer to the “What’s New In WatchGuard Cloud” presentation, and most recent Release Notes.


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