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Changes coming to WatchGuard Account Manager

Starting on March 24th, the URLs for the “forgot user name” and “forgot password” pages will change from the domain to This is in support of migrating that functionality into WatchGuard Cloud.


Migration activities will continue April 4th with the account portion of the account registration flow for new accounts (also known as “Tier-1” accounts) moving to As a part of this change, the new account registration form will be consolidated into fewer screens, but the information requested will not be changed. We encourage partners who are onboarding new accounts to leverage the multi-tier functionality of WatchGuard Cloud and to create client accounts within the WatchGuard Cloud Account Manager. 

Finally, on April 12th the remainder of the account registration flow will be migrated, with no further changes to the user experience. We will leave redirects in place for a short period of time, but if you allow-list specific WatchGuard domains you will need to add

We appreciate your patience as we continue to update our services and expand WatchGuard Cloud!

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