When Red Goes Green

Warehouse Zero-Waste Initiative

WatchGuard is driving towards a zero-waste initiative for all of our hardware solutions. When an appliance is at the end of its warranty or needs to be disposed of, WatchGuard works with 1 Green Planet to pick up the hardware to ensure that they are scrapped responsibly. Our network security appliances, including the cardboard and plastic packaging, can be recycled either at our warehouse or through our partnership with 1 Green Planet.

Additionally, the cords, cables and power supply cables sent back to our warehouse are recycled. But we’re taking that one step further. While our current Firebox tabletop appliances come with multiple power cords to accommodate every possible need, our latest tabletop release encourages customers to select the SKU that includes the specific cord they need, reducing waste of the additional cords. As new products are added or refreshed in our portfolio, we are continuously evaluating our packaging to drive towards zero-waste!

Environmental Impact - WatchGuard recycles cords and cables
Environmental Impact - Overhead view of a construction site

WatchGuard Compliance with Major Environmental Directives

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive

WatchGuard works with our partners and distributors to ensure that they accept devices to be recycled or destroyed when needed. This ensures that electronic devices are disposed of properly without adding any additional strain or requirements for the end customer.

Please review our appliance de-manufacturing instructions for more information.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive

WatchGuard works with our manufacturers to comply with RoHS and ensure that certain hazardous materials are not found in our appliances.

Headquarters & Global Office Environmental Impact

Commuter Benefits

WatchGuard understands the impact that commuting can have on the environment. Employees at our corporate headquarters in Seattle all have access to a paid commuter card empowering them to leverage the vast array of public transportation available and reduce their own carbon footprint.

Recycling & Waste Reduction

Our offices around the world are focused on reducing our impact on the environment and reducing as much waste as possible. Corporate offices have robust recycling programs in place, including special containers for compost, recycling and landfill. WatchGuard’s headquarters office also provides environmentally friendly water refill stations to reduce single use water bottles and encourages employees to use reusable containers.

Environmental Impact - People commuting to work on a bus
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Safe Recycling and Disposal of WatchGuard Hardware

We want to ensure our hardware is disposed of and recycled in the most environmentally friendly way. We’ve partnered with e-Stewards to safeguard a globally responsible way to recycle electronics and offer a reliable solution to IT asset recycling and reuse. Quickly locate an electronics waste recycling location through the e-Stewards find-a-recycler map. Additionally, WatchGuard partners have access to disassemble guides in the Partner Portal.