Top Ten GDPR Excuses

There Are Lots of Reasons to Be Running Late on GDPR Compliance Activities

So, here are a few excuses to have handy in case you need them.


  1. Image: Sick person

    I was sick the day GDPR was ratified, and so didn’t think I had to comply.

  2. Image: Ghost

    I had to cancel my data recovery service, because it was haunted.

  3. Image: Stack of papers

    I turned in my 3rd party agreements… you must have lost them.

  4. Image: Error message

    The internet was broken, so my mandatory notifications didn’t go out.

  5. Image: UFO

    Aliens abducted my Data Protection Officer.

  6. Image: Neighbor behind a fence

    My neighbor borrowed my data and took it outside the EU without my knowledge.

  7. Image: Sad pug

    The dog ate my Data Protection Impact Assessment.

  8. Image: Person on a couch eating popcorn

    I was binge-watching Netflix, and didn’t notice that my security was inadequate.

  9. Image: Hand reaching for alarm clock

    My alarm didn’t go off and when I woke it was after May 25, 2018.

  10. Image: Elephant!

    Look... an Elephant!



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Still, the supervisory agencies are not likely to accept any excuses – so it’s time to focus on the fastest path to compliance.

Move data stores to 3rd party Cloud platforms and services to leverage their compliance work

Reduce the scope of GDPR by removing extraneous personal data from your systems

Engage with an IT solutions provider to:

  • Facilitate data breach and explicit consent notifications on your behalf
  • Provide Data Protection Officer (DPO) services
  • Implement a data backup and recovery solution
  • Upgrade network security to include situational awareness of risks, and preventative, corrective and mitigating action in near real time


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