Premium 4-Hour RMA Service FAQ

What is Premium 4-Hour RMA Service?

All Support subscriptions include an Advance Hardware Replacement service, which means that WatchGuard will ship a replacement via pre-paid, next-day airfreight in advance of receiving the returned appliance. Customers with mission-critical requirements that need replacements sooner can purchase the Premium 4-Hour RMA subscription with round-the-clock coverage. With this upgrade, a courier will deliver a replacement appliance on-site from local stocking depots within 4 hours of RMA approval by WatchGuard Support.

Where is the service offered?

WatchGuard maintains a list of locations where the service can be made available. Generally, we will be able to provide coverage within 150 miles (240 km) by road to the listed stocking locations.

  • Americas: Limited to US and Canada. The service is not available in all geographic locations, although most major metro areas can be covered.
  • Europe: Because of the expedited delivery times, this service will not be offered in all locations. Initially the service will be available in Germany, France, UK, Benelux, Denmark, Italy, and Spain.

How long does it take to set up?

Depending on location, it may take up to 30 days once a purchase order is received and the service is activated on the appliance to get the service set up and inventory stocked to support a specific installed location. WatchGuard can provide detailed guidance on how quickly the service can be set up once a postal or zip code has been designated. Once the stocking depot is set up, 4-hour delivery becomes available.

Which appliances are covered?

Premium 4-Hour RMA is available as a subscription service for all WatchGuard Firebox and XTM hardware. Each appliance in a location needs to have a Premium 4-Hour RMA subscription to be eligible for coverage. Premium 4-Hour RMA is not included in any Bundles or Suites, and needs to be purchased in addition to the Support coverage that is required on the appliance. Transfer of service from one appliance to another is not allowed.

What type of Support coverage is required?

Customers must have a current subscription for Standard Support, Gold Support, or Platinum Support in order to get 24 x 7 coverage for replacement parts.

Get more information on WatchGuard Support levels.

How do customers notify WatchGuard of their location?

Customers are required to enter the installed location of the appliance at activation time. It is the customer's responsibility to notify WatchGuard Customer Care of any changes in the installed location. Address changes are only allowed to locations supported by the program, and a 30-day setup period may apply again. WatchGuard can only commit to 4-hour delivery to locations that have been provided at activation time, or in subsequent updates to Customer Care.

Who is providing the service?

WatchGuard has partnered with Choice Logistics, a global leader in third-party logistics that specializes in fast delivery of replacement mission-critical parts.

Can we deliver across borders in Europe?

Yes. Within the European Union we can deliver parts to a neighboring country if it falls within the 150 miles (240 km) of the stocking location.

Terms and Conditions

WatchGuard will provide a replacement part on-site within 4 hours of when WatchGuard approves the RMA and the location of the failed appliance has been confirmed by WatchGuard. This service does not replace or supersede any of the terms in the WatchGuard Hardware Warranty.

WatchGuard only offers this service in approved locations. WatchGuard does not make any commitment to provide a replacement appliance within 4 hours for locations that are not on the approved list.

Customer is responsible for designating the location where the part will be installed. This install location is recorded at activation time. If the install location of the appliance needs to change, it is the customer's responsibility to contact WatchGuard Customer Care to update the records on file.

Customer is responsible for returning the defective product and all costs of shipping and handling for return of the defective product.

This service cannot be transferred from one appliance to another.

Customers are responsible for any customs fees and tariffs associated with the return of the failed hardware, unless otherwise specified.
Replacement devices may be new, or like-new. In the event of product obsolescence, WatchGuard reserves the right to replace a failed product with a product of like or better features and functionality.

Any failed device returned to WatchGuard with broken warranty seals will be returned to the customer as-is.

WatchGuard will complete the transfer of the registration information and subscription services to the replacement device. The replacement device includes instructions for returning the failed unit to WatchGuard. Please make sure that the RMA number is included with the shipment that you return to WatchGuard.

Technical Support programs are not available for products determined to be altered, repaired, modified, lost, stolen, or damaged by accident, misuse, or unauthorized modification or installation.

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