WatchGuard IPSec Mobile VPN

This page provides the information that you need to complete the activation of the WatchGuard IPSec Mobile VPN client.

What is involved in software activation?

In order to use your client software, you need a serial number and a license key. The license is released by the activation code sent via the Internet to the client on the endpoint.

Where do I get the serial number and license?

This was provided in a an email that was sent when the purchase was completed.

Full details on how to complete the activation on the client are provided in the What's New in IPSec Mobile VPN Client presentation.

How Does Volume Licensing Work?

WatchGuard also sells licenses in 50 seat or 10 seat bundles. With the volume license option, your fulfillment email includes a bundle id and a bundle key. Download and install the Mobile VPN License Server (MVLS) software from the software download center and enter the bundle id and key to set up and manage your licenses. Find out full details in the guide for Mobile VPN License Server (MVLS).