Partner Success Story - TribeTech

Implementing the Modern MSSP Approach with WatchGuard


The founders of TribeTech have over 25 years’ experience in the industry so creating TribeTech in 2018 was a natural fit. They have seen the cyber security industry grow and evolve over time, particularly in the managed security service provider (MSSP) space. TribeTech focuses on taking the latest technology and bringing it to small and mid-sized businesses. Currently, TribeTech manages 10 businesses, providing them with network management and technical support 24/7.

When working with their customers, TribeTech found that their customers are looking for stable fees for their service every month. To the same degree, TribeTech is also expecting the same monthly stable fees from their security partner. “Our company approach is what I like to call the modern managed security service provider’s (MSSP) view of the world – where we can purchase products and services on a monthly basis and aren’t tied down to a license renewal. WatchGuard allows us to do exactly that. Plus, we have recurring revenue for security, which works well for us and our customers,” mentioned Scott Atkinson, CEO, TribeTech.


As part of their larger managed IT solution, TribeTech chose WatchGuard as it covered multiple security aspects of their service including advanced multi-layered security firewalls (Firebox appliances) managed by Firebox Cloud, secure Wi-Fi access and multi-factor authentication (AuthPoint). As an added bonus, advanced security services and appliances can easily be added or adjusted for their customers. Scott explains: “We rolled out Firebox Cloud for one of our customers who was previously running Palo Alto and managed it in the Cloud. It was so easy to rip and replace with WatchGuard Firebox Cloud. Currently, we are using Firebox Cloud ourselves, so we have firsthand experience on how easy it is to manage and maintain.”

Scott adds, “Just about everything we do uses Total Security Suite to ensure our customers are protected on multiple fronts.”

As an MSSP, the WatchGuardONE partner program allows TribeTech to purchase services using points. Additionally, TribeTech is able to purchase appliances at a discounted rate, without incurring large costs upfront. The WatchGuardONE program gives TribeTech the ability to be flexible with customers when needed in situations that require short term solutions or solutions that can scale easily without incurring large expenses.


From MSSP program benefits to security solutions, TribeTech is continuing to scale their business with WatchGuard. TribeTech sells and leverages WatchGuard products while reaping the benefits from the partner program as a WatchGuardONE Gold partner. In fact, TribeTech has been recognized as WatchGuard’s New Partner of the Year in 2019 for Australia and New Zealand.

The full WatchGuard suite of products help TribeTech not only offer a robust security solution to their customers but also helps simplify their operational processes internally starting from initial deployment to ongoing management.

The WatchGuardONE partner program helps TribeTech’s MSSP business continue to grow and retain revenue. Equally important, the resources and marketing support that TribeTech receives as a WatchGuardONE partner has helped them close deals and continue to provide their customers with the latest industry content.

Scott concludes: “WatchGuard makes it very simple for us to deploy security solutions for our customers. We don’t have to deal with managing multiple vendors or products. Everything is all integrated together and the Cloud makes it easy to manage.”

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