Case Study - Impact

WatchGuard Makes an Impact on Marketing Company’s Wireless Security


Integrated marketing services are at the core of what Impact offers to their clients. Impact is a comprehensive marketing service provider with knowledge and experience in digital marketing, data analytics, direct mail production, fulfilment, high-quality color roll and sheet printing. Through the use of data-driven marketing practices and its use of applied technology, Impact helps their clients acquire new customers and enhance their relationships with existing customers.

As Impact’s business began to grow, so did the amount of personal information that flowed through their wireless network. Because of this, Impact needed a way to secure all their guests’ and company-owned devices. Initially, Impact was using Aruba’s wireless products, but began the search for a wireless security network that could scale with their business, while being easy to set up and providing the protection from wireless threats they required. “We were using Aruba before. At the end, it requires a dedicated, trained staff to administer. We have a small IT team that is responsible for a wide variety of infrastructure and therefore unable to afford specialized engineers. Plus, the administrative interface was difficult, so changes required research and took an exceptional amount of time to implement. Our partner, Verus, worked with us to install and deploy WatchGuard, which ultimately became the solution to solve our challenges,” explains Mike Miller, IT manager at Impact.


With wireless connectivity and security in mind, Impact chose to install WatchGuard AP325 access points managed by Wi-Fi Cloud. The management interface of Wi-Fi Cloud allows Impact to easily make changes and implement new features with minimal training and no specialized engineering required. Additionally, the AP325 access point helps defend against the six known Wi-Fi threat categories, effectively creating a Trusted Wireless Environment for their company and guests.

Mike recalls, “The WatchGuard products we are using are robust and intuitive. The WatchGuard administrative simplicity along with the Cloud management, accessibility and full integration into the WatchGuard family of services helps us tremendously, as we know we are protected and secured. We have worked with Verus for years. They are more than a service provider, they are a strategic partner.”


Since deploying the new WatchGuard solutions, Impact’s wireless network is protected from the latest security threats. Plus, as Impact grows, their wireless network solution can continue to scale with their business. And thankfully, due to the simplified management of Wi-Fi Cloud, this has allowed the IT staff to efficiently make changes to the network at any time. “We’ve seen many operational benefits from installing WatchGuard access points. Specifically, set-up takes no time at all and requires very little effort on our end. In the future, when we are looking into expanding our existing wireless infrastructure, adding new locations, or enhancing our security posture, WatchGuard products and solutions will be a part of that growth,” Mike concludes.

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