Partner Success Story - Eurosystem

MSP Relies on WatchGuard’s Flexibility to Bring Security and Compliance to Their Customers


Eurosystem is a managed service provider (MSP) first established 40 years ago in Treviso, Italy. Over the decades, Eurosystem has acquired several specialized companies and is continuing to expand. Eurosystem caters to small and midsized companies, helping their customers design IT infrastructures and scalable systems to better support and make their businesses efficient and responsive.

Eurosystem operates throughout North and Central Italy, thanks to a composite team of technicians, engineers, and researchers working alongside customers to offer complete solutions and IT services. Today, Eurosystem guarantees solutions for IT infrastructures, information security and regulatory compliance, and verticalized management systems like those in Industry 4.0.

One of Eurosystem’s main focuses as an MSP is dedicated to cyber security. “We have a dedicated structure focusing on cyber security solutions and information security and regulatory compliance,” explains Nicola Bosello, director of the Eurosystem group. “We have technical specialists and legal consultants focused on IT law. About ten people in our business have a very strong specialization on IT security and consulting service. Every step of the way, WatchGuard has helped us offer the security and compliance solutions we need for our customers.”

In this context, WatchGuard represents an important and historical vendor. Eurosystem currently holds a Gold status in the WatchGuardONE partner program.


Most of Eurosystem’s customers are new to security or would like to learn more about advanced defense techniques, associated with artificial intelligence (AI) or the issues of security in the industrial field. “WatchGuard offers us a range of products that fits perfectly with our target market, which is mainly small and midsized businesses,” says Nicola. “WatchGuard provides solutions that are highly flexible and specialized for specific needs. Because of WatchGuard, we are able to cover all aspects of perimeter security, thanks to their firewall and advanced network security features with Total Security Suite. With a single management console, we can monitor both the network and Wi-Fi solutions.”


“Attacks grow not so much from the quantitative point of view, but above all they grow in the qualitative aspect, with techniques that are being refined, leading us to having to be more and more prepared to defend ourselves adequately. At WatchGuard we found immediately, many years ago, a vendor with cutting-edge technologies and capable of delivering punctual, fast and Italian-language support,” concludes Nicola. “The push for marketing and the possibility of having constant training on WatchGuard products and on the constantly evolving threat landscape simplifies us in our daily work in which cyber security continues to evolve.”

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