Panda Security Operations

Prepare, Prevent and Control For a Safe Environment

Complete your endpoint security solution with a wide range of IT & endpoint security operations products and modules that will allow you to minimize the attack surface and reduce risk of incidents.

Identify and block malicious behaviors or noncompliant activity, manage your vulnerabilities, deploy patches and updates, encrypt your data, and manage your corporate systems and endpoints. Everything you need is included in a single platform from WatchGuard.

Panda Advanced Reporting Tool

From Data to Actionable IT and Security Insights
Advanced Reporting Tool stores and correlates information from endpoints on processes executed and other contextual information. It is then presented in a way to draw informed conclusions about corporate IT and security intelligence.

Detailed visibility of every event run on your endpoints is represented to facilitate easy security decisions and fast reactions.
  • Security incidents: Aggregate information in a single pane of glass and keep threats controlled by determining their origin and applying security measures to prevent future attacks.
  • Access to critical and sensitive information: Manage access by implementing more restrictive access policies to sensitive business information.
  • Applications and network resource usage: Monitor, detect and correct misuse of corporate resources and employee behaviors that may have an impact on business.
Panda SIEM Feeder

Panda SIEM Feeder

Security Intelligence That Reaches Your Company’s SIEM System
SIEM Feeder provides a new source of critical and valuable information into your current SIEM tool. It collects and correlates all the processes run on endpoints, allowing organizations to turn massive volumes of data into useful information for decision making, and thus enriching the organization with the knowledge provided by Adaptive Defense.

Full integration with corporate SIEM systems adds detailed visibility and context of every process running on your endpoints, enabling a new data correlation to improve your protection capabilities.
Panda Patch Management

Panda Patch Management

Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management
Patch Management is an easy-to-use solution for managing vulnerabilities in operating systems and third-party applications on Windows workstations and servers. It covers all the patch management processes including discovering, identifying, assessing, reporting, managing, deploying installations and remediating security risks.
  • Reduce the attack surface, contain and mitigate vulnerability exploitation attacks, while strengthening your organization’s prevention and containment capabilities.
  • Centralized and real-time visibility into the security status of software vulnerabilities, missing patches, updates and unsupported (EOL) software.
  • Audit, monitor and prioritize operating system and application updates.
Panda Full Encryption

Panda Full Encryption

Protect Data with Encryption
Panda Full Encryption is the first line of defense to protect your data in a simple and effective way. It is a full-volume encryption solution that strengthens security against unauthorized access using established authentication mechanisms. Data encryption minimizes data exposure and provides an additional layer of security and control to your organization.
  • Automatically encrypts and decrypts disks without impacting end users.
  • Centrally manages the recovery keys stored on our Cloud-based management platform.
  • Prevents loss, theft and unauthorized access to data.
Panda Data Control

Panda Data Control

Monitor Sensitive Data Across Endpoints and Servers
Data Control discovers and protects personal and sensitive data. It is designed to help organizations comply with data protection regulations like GDPR, and more.

It discovers, classifies, audits and monitors unstructured personal data (e.g. IDs, email, bank account numbers, social security numbers) on endpoints, from data at rest, to data in use and data in motion. Its powerful custom search engine allows it to find any file in the organization with data susceptible to control, such as copyrighted materials and confidential materials.

It is available for use in these regions: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.
Black envelope icon for Email

Panda Email Protection

Block spam, malware, and phishing attacks
Email Protection is a Cloud-based, multi-layer security solution designed to prevent unwanted emails that delivers immediate and effective protection and filtering technologies against phishing attacks, malware, and spam. Reinforce your email security capabilities while ensuring a clean mailbox and business continuity, with 24x7 service availability for secure access to email.

  • Multi-layered security: provide layer after layer of defense with 99.9% spam and 99.99% known malware detection rates. Detect and stop unwanted emails before they reach your inbox.
  • Real-time monitoring: get a complete view of your logs with the Email Live Tracking feature. It provides relevant information such as email classification, email header, and SMTP trace, allowing you to better understand the origin of emails and take action accordingly.
  • Easy to use: Email Protection requires no client infrastructure. All operations are performed in the Cloud, and the tool can be managed anytime, anywhere, from the web console.
Panda Systems Management

Panda Systems Management

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)
Systems Management is the easy and affordable way to manage, monitor, maintain and support all your organization’s devices and IT systems, whether they are in the office or remote. Thanks to the pre-configured settings, the learning curve is practically non-existent, and it ensures that the organization’s IT infrastructure operates exactly according to plan.
  • 100% granular visibility of your devices for centralized and simple IT policy enforcement.
  • Asset management controls for IT.
  • Remotely and proactively solve problems without impacting users.
Panda Fusion

Panda Fusion

RMM & Anti-Malware
Fusion combines our Systems Management and Endpoint Protection Plus solutions to protect, manage and support all of your corporate devices. Our Cloud-delivered solution allows a rapid deployment without needing maintenance or costly investments in server infrastructure.
  • Maximum Security: Continuous protection for all endpoints inside and outside the office.
  • Proactive Support and Maintenance: Rapid incident management and troubleshooting.
  • Centralized Control and Management: Permanent visibility of all hardware, software and other IT infrastructure components.
Panda Fusion 360

Panda Fusion 360

RMM + Advanced Security (EPP & EDR)
Fusion 360 combines our Systems Management and Adaptive Defense 360 solutions to unify RMM with EPP and EDR capabilities. This holistic solution combines the best of two worlds to provide advanced endpoint security, centralized IT management, monitoring and remote support capabilities. Fusion 360 ensures the classification of 100% of the running processes on all your endpoints with our Zero-Trust and Threat Hunting services.
  • Advanced prevention, detection and response technologies against breaches
  • Automated processes for reduced response and investigation times
  • Cloud-based centralized management for devices and systems, with real-time monitoring, inventory and remote support.

A Full Range of Tools to Extend Your Platform

WatchGuard Endpoint Security includes a wide range of extensible solutions to meet the protection needs of any organization. Our scalable platform is designed to easily extend your corporate endpoint security and add additional capabilities without hassle.
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“Endpoint Protection is a ‘perfect fit’ for RDS-Global as all updates are automatic with no need for support team intervention. This means that we can focus on our core business of providing the highest levels of support and service to our customers.”

Rob Kay, IT Manager, RDS-Global

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