Case Study - National Airways

Customer’s Profile

Founded in 1946, National Airways Corporation (NAC) has grown to become the largest general aviation company in Africa, and one of the largest of its kind in the world. Offering a full range of aviation products and services to the fixed wing and helicopter markets.

Headquartered at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg, NAC’s growth is reflected through a network of local and international offices.

With more than 70 years’ experience, NAC has developed a comprehensive service offering and deep understanding of the business that enables them to advise and guide clients to a solution that meets their needs.


National Airways Corporation’s growth has seen the organization take on global markets and expand into new territories, and has led to a more mobile workforce. With employees traveling and working in remote regions, monitoring activities and threats on their devices has become a major challenge and security concern for NAC.

Working with Panda Premier partner, Chrono-Logic, NAC identified two key problem areas:

  • Securing the organization against advanced cyber threats.
  • Managing and monitoring a vast array of distributed devices.

NAC IT Manager Brandon Kennedy says, “We have found one of the biggest threats to our security is what people bring back on their devices. With a remote workforce in high- risk areas, where cyber attacks are a daily reality, security is a big concern for us.”

In order to mitigate these threats, NAC needed to ensure that devices leaving the organization’s network remain protected and can be accessed and monitored remotely.

This situation is not unique to NAC, but is a challenge faced by many organizations operating globally – with today’s cyber-threat landscape it is becoming essential to ensure your business is protected at all times.


Taking on these challenges, Chrono-Logic worked with Panda Security to deliver Panda’s remote monitoring and management solution – Systems Management and Panda Adaptive Defense 360 to provide a holistic solution for NAC.

Implementing Systems Management has meant that NAC can regulate and supervise their network by allowing IT staff to easily manage, monitor and maintain all devices, whether they are in office or working remotely. Systems Management is easy to implement with little impact on the organization’s existing infrastructure, making it ideal for NAC.

Kennedy highlights Systems Management’s easy-to-use, lightweight web console, saying, “Remote connectivity through a centralized web console means we now have full visibility of all of our devices and can easily take control of devices and do what needs to be done.”

In order to keep the organization secure, NAC implemented Panda’s Adaptive Defense 360 (AD360). This solution combines Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Endpoint Protection (EPP) capabilities to provide a service that can accurately classify every application running in an organization, as well as facilitate web access monitoring and control.

For NAC, AD360 is an ideal solution requiring very few resources and providing advanced protection from today’s threats. “Panda’s AD360 was incredibly easy to implement across our network, we were very impressed with how seamless implementation was, given the nature of our network. The ability to download the email link meant that we did not have to physically install the solution on individual devices. All the end user needed to do was click the installation link,” says Kennedy.

Since implementing Panda Systems Management and Adaptive Defense 360, Kennedy has noticed a marked improvement in the stability of the network, as well as a network free from advanced attacks, such as ransomware.

Benefits of Panda Adaptive Defense 360

  • EDR technology with complete protection against zero day attacks
  • Forensic Information
  • Close technical support by qualified technicians
  • Full EPP capabilities
  • Web filtering and web access monitoring and control

Benefits of Panda Systems Management

  • 100% Cloud-based solution
  • Lightweight agent
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Manage smartphones and tablets
  • Centralized software deployment



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