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Leveraging XDR to Build Stronger Managed Services

XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) is a leading integrated cybersecurity approach, which improves threat detection and response through integrating multiple data sources and cybersecurity tools and unifying multiple security products into a single operating system. XDR technology is growing increasingly popular. And it’s an opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs) to scale and grow their business. In a recent WatchGuard survey, we asked how offering XDR benefits an MSP’s operations, and the results were as follows: 65% stated that this approach has helped them to successfully achieve earlier threat detection and faster response for their customers; 58% indicated more unification in security consolidation; another 58% said XDR dramatically boosted its team’s efficiency and efficacy; and 46% said they liked how XDR offered prioritized views of threats, data, and cross-domain context.    

4 Key Benefits MSPs Can Leverage with XDR 

MSPs have a lot of benefits with an XDR solution in their cybersecurity infrastructure. Not only does XDR enhance an MSP’s customer service, it also advances its customers’ security posture. Here are the four key advantages with XDR MSPs can leverage with their customers: 

1. Unified Security:

XDR enables shared knowledge from within one security platform for fast, automated responses that reduce staff burdens for MSP customers. XDR powers different security technologies to combine for greater outcomes than when operating alone. 

2. Automated Technology:

XDR solutions integrate easily with an MSP customer’s existing tools and systems. It easily provides automation and prioritized, contextual views to help MSPs detect and respond to stop threats faster and more efficiently. 

3. Flexibility:

XDR services are easily scaled up or down depending upon what MSP customers need. And if circumstances change, then it’s easy for the MSPs to adjust customer XDR solutions to meet changing business needs. 

4. Cost-Effective Security:

With the global IT skills gap and staff shortage, customers are turning to MSPs to outsource much needed cybersecurity management. XDR unifies strong cybersecurity so MSP customers avoid siloed expenses associated with detached solutions. 

The approach to threat detection and response offered by XDR is extremely useful, but MSPs may encounter some difficulties in adopting this technology due to limited skills in security teams, technology integrations, technical resources and tools that do not fit their business model. This is where vendors play an important role and if they work hand in hand with their partners, they can help MSPs gain access to the full benefits of XDR. Vendors can provide access to education and training resources to enhance their skills, enhance integrations so that XDR solutions can integrate seamlessly with the MSP's existing tools and systems, provide technical support and training to ensure that MSPs can properly manage XDR solutions, and offer competitive pricing and flexible licensing formats to suit each MSP's business model. 

In short, XDR is a great way for MSPs to advance and automate effective security for detecting and responding to advanced threats. MSP customers will benefit greatly from its implementation and management when they use a unified approach to security.  

How Do MSPs Convince Customers to Adopt XDR? 

In a recent WatchGuard survey, we asked what is delaying MSPs from adopting XDR today. 52% indicated that is not a top priority for their customers. We see this as an opportunity for MSPs to educate and build stronger, automated cybersecurity for their customers. 

With a cyber-attacks happening every 39 seconds each day, customers can no longer afford to ignore the automated approach to cybersecurity that XDR offers to detecting and responding to threats 24/7. And XDR is easily integrated with existing security solutions, so there’s not much to deploy to effectively protect customers from cyber threats. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how MSPs can take full advantage of XDR solutions and other prominent trends shaping the cybersecurity channel in 2023, don't miss our on-demand webinar episode: How XDR Can Help MSPs Scale and Grow Their Businesses

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