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Powering your MSP Business by Offering Access Management

The market for managed services is poised for continued growth with cybersecurity being in high demand. Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are increasingly concerned about protecting their people, data, applications, and Cloud workloads from risks, and many SMBs are now familiar with the MSP model and becoming more selective. 

A recent survey conducted by Spiceworks indicates that SMBs actively want to know more detail about security strategies, service offerings, and toolsets when choosing a partner to work with. In fact, many SMBs are asking tough questions of MSPs such as:

  • Can you describe what security and privacy controls are appropriate for processing personal or sensitive data? 
  • What evidence do you have that the security controls work as you intend? 
  • What methods do you have for break/fix, patching, and maintaining the technologies used? 
  • What access management services help to prevent unauthorized access to applications and data? 

Against this challenging backdrop, MSPs need to stand out from the rising competition within the sector that already offers common services such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and password management. In this case, a new offering for your MSP business is one that is included within the AuthPoint products you already know and sell – The Key to Unlocking Secure and Productive Hybrid Work. 

The Power of an SSO Offering 

As MSPs continue to drive service differentiation and profitability, access management services such as SSO deliver tremendous productivity gains, cost savings, and risk management benefits. 

 MSPs, using SSO in a range of different ways and enabling SSO for their client as part of a holistic access management strategy when combined with other identity security technologies, can: 

  • Improve Identity Security Posture: 

    Thanks to SSO, customers can eliminate password fatigue and risky password reuse behavior across workplace applications, one of the leading causes of data breaches. 

  • Create Customer Loyalty: 

    By improving hybrid/remote workplace services and strengthening access to applications, MSPs can not only reduce instances of Shadow IT but rapidly replace and deploy new applications that users will adopt on day one. 

  • Reduce service desk request: 

    Provisioning SSO services results in a reduction in password resets and lockouts, and ensures the right people have access to the right applications, which can lower the overall cost for customers.

These are just some of the powerful reasons why MSPs should add SSO as a tool to attract new customers and retain existing ones. To learn more about enabling SSO with AuthPoint to power your MSP business forward and get more profitable and productive today, follow these links:  

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