About the Device Settings Page

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes, Locally-managed Fireboxes, WatchGuard Cloud-managed Access Points

In the Device Settings page, you can see detailed status for your device:

From the Device Settings page, you can change a locally-managed Firebox or FireCluster to cloud management. For more information, go to Change a Locally-Managed Firebox to Cloud Management and Change the FireCluster Management Type.

Open the Device Settings Page

To open the Device Settings page:

  1. Log in to WatchGuard Cloud.
  2. Select Configure > Devices.
  3. To configure settings for a device, select a device from the list.
    If you selected a folder or Subscriber account with more than one device, in the table that appears, add a device or select the device you want to see settings for.
  4. To see a summary of status for all devices in a folder, click the folder name.
    The detail pane shows a list of devices in the folder, with their current log setting, serial number, and OS version.

From the Device Settings page, you can:

From the Device Settings page, you can also initiate FireCluster tasks:

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