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NEW in Prepaid Points: Panda Products + Single User Assignment

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We are excited to announce that WatchGuard partners can now use Prepaid Points to assign licenses to Panda endpoint products through MSSP Command!

Pay-as-you-go Prepaid Points is a part of WatchGuard’s FlexPay program, enabling partners to pre-purchase points that can be used later on WatchGuard’s portfolio including Firebox and SaaS products. Points never expire and can be flexibly applied month to month based on evolving business needs.

Starting December 2nd, 2020, MSSP Command will contain options to use points for:

  • Panda Adaptive Defense
  • Panda Adaptive Defense 360
  • Panda Advanced Reporting Tool
  • Panda Adaptive Defense 360 + Advanced Reporting Tool
  • Panda Data Control (EMEA Only)
  • Panda EndPoint Protection
  • Panda EndPoint Protection Plus
  • Panda Full Encryption
  • Panda Patch Management

Additionally, Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is now a part of Passport, and the minimum license assignment for all SaaS products has been updated to 1 instead of packs of 10.

Please note that a Panda Partner Center account must be mapped before assignment of Prepaid Points to Panda products, once this is done, assigned licenses will appear as pooled licenses in Partner Center ready for use.

For WatchGuard partners:

Visit MSSP Command on the WatchGuard Partner Portal (right side of the homepage under “Find It Fast” links section or in the “Tools” section of the menu) to see the updates. For a demo of how to navigate MSSP Command on the WatchGuard Learning Center (please log in to Learning Center first): click here

For detailed instructions on activating Panda products: click here

To map your Panda Partner Center account: click here

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